A Feature for Friday

 UPDATE:  Something apparently happened to the code I posted here earlier.  I apologize for having only part of the post here.  Basically, just go to the Blog Bulk website and they can show you how to do pretty much anything you'd like to do to your blog.  Again...sorry that almost 6PM I'm just now realizing that the most essential parts of this post have just disappeared... No wonder I have no comments!

I am really digging my new layout.  I think I appreciate it more because I really did it myself.  I would like to note though that I didn't do it without a little help.  A Google search here.  A Google search there.  I found many sites with much information.  The one I find myself returning to time and time again is Blog Bulk.  I have found pretty much everything I need to customize my blog the way I want it.

I was a little scared messing with that "Edit HTML" tab.  I was afraid all would be lost, but I have found that, once I've altered the HTML, I can simply click the Preview button to see if it looks right or ever works.  If it doesn't, I can just click "Clear Edits" and all is not lost.  Edits are gone, but my blog is just the way it was before I started messing with it.  I always backup my layout first though.

Today I thought I'd share the Blog Bulk tutorial "Read More or Expandable Posts for Blogger Posts".  I like to take lots of pictures.  I also like to share those, but sometimes it just takes up so much room on the main page of the blog.

Ok... let's get started...

1.  Go to your dashboard - Layout - Edit HTML.  Save your template.
Click on the Expand Widget Templates box in the upper right corner.
Use CTRL + F and find the following code:
2.  Place the following code in red in the middle, like this:
3.  Find this part of code using CTRL + F:
4.  Place the code in red below it, like this:
5.  Now click Save Template.  Previewing will not show you any changes.
6.  On your future posts you will have to add some HTML code after you are done writing it, but before you publish it.
This will be where your "intro" goes (the part everyone will see on your main page)

And the rest of your post here
Viola!  You're done!
I highly recommend visiting the Blog Bulk site to see a much better tutorial on how to do this and many, many more things like adding a background to your page or individual posts as well as making your blog width greater.
Have fun!


  1. I'm so glad you know all that stuff! I want to learn more about computers, but I don't have the patience or bravery to just go out on my own.

  2. ok.....now the big question.......you told me a couple of times I should start my own blog...(have no idea what I would talk about though)...but do you think I could master that??????......be careful how you answer this....remember I'm your mom and if I can't get it right....uuuuummmmmm who do you think I will turn to for help????????