What the...?!

I'd heard of this band, Cage the Elephant, before.  They are from my area of Kentucky, Bowling Green.  I've never actually heard their music though.  I stay up at night just to watch the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.  I love that man.  I usually watch David Letterman too because let's face it Conan O'Brien is annoying.  Anyway... I saw that Cage the Elephant was going to be on Letterman last Thursday night.  I was thinking this would be cool.  Hometown guys on Letterman!  Woo hooo..... well, um... yea.

I really liked the song they played, but I could only take passing glances at the screen.  Why oh why is it that the only people from Kentucky featured on anything always seems to act stupidly or say something absolutely crazy.  Like that singing kuntry boy that catches chikkuns fer a livin' on America's Got Talent.  The singer was flailing around on the stage all crazy.  I began to wonder if he was seriously high or just doing a Mick Jagger impression.  After I searched for the video, because you guys HAVE GOT to see this, I found out that this song is a hit single in the UK.  Maybe he was doing his version of Mick Jagger....


  1. Whuttttt???!!!

    Can't believe how much this didn't sound like them, and that he took the mic from his buddy!


  2. lol.. I just commented on Cam's blog about this.... not their best performance... by far- maybe he was doing Mick.... yeah, that's it....

  3. Ha, I just sent Cam an email. Totally didn't realize you all were from BG. Anyway, she may or may not tell you about some strange girl named Caroline who sent her a weird email.

  4. LOL!

    Rubi - I wish I'd gone to see them at Tidball's so I could beg forgiveness on their behalf, but I never did so I'm just lost... I trust Cam's judgment on the matter though.

  5. Bourbon Mama - I'll keep ear open in case she does... I may even ask her! I'm actually from the county next door to BG and am currently residing in the county above BG, but it's the most recognizable place around. :)

  6. Christine-

    This girl named Caroline contacted me about cage the elephant today...

    *wink wink*