Weird-y Wednesday

I’m thinking that you might be bored with all the lovey dovey vacation photos.  I noticed while snapping photos and having my photo snapped on vacation that you have to take the good with the bad.  Sometimes the results of the bad are sweeter than the good ones.  I will probably never hear the end of posting these photos, but there were so many hilarious, what the heck?, when did you take that? photos that I couldn’t resist sharing them.  The captions are not true to form on what was really going on in some of these.  Feel free to leave comments with your own caption ideas.  Maybe it will help this Wednesday go by quicker!

This is why you should always look at who is taking your picture.  Oh yea… talking while walking & not paying attention to the girl with the camera aimed at you.
  Smile & Be Happy
I just couldn't stop smiling.
Of course you can take a profile picture!  Wait, let me attempt to stop laughing first.
Throwin' up the deuces...  :0)
Peace out, G-homey.

I was asking Kaia why she was standing so close to us. Wait… what?
Sitting around talking
I see you peeking at me…
Heading out for a walk. To the left, to the left, to the right, to the right…  now slide… or dance a jig.
Taking a walk around the neighborhood.
Bergen attempts to sleepwalk.
I don't like bridges over water.  I wasn't actually crying... yet.
For real, the bridge was huge.
45 minutes to the beach = funny faces
Collagen-less Cam lips.
St. Simon's
This is the “I AM smiling!  Now where is the bathroom?” look.
St. Simon's
Do you smell that?
St. Simon's
Mid-blinking walking.
Goofing off on Tybee Island
Sorry Ash.

Riding on the golf cart
Cam, what great eyes you have.

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