It's July already?  Really?  You can't possibly be serious about this.   My daughter is turning 8 (!!!) this month.  Whhhat!?!  Eight... where in the world did the past 7 years go?

I like July.  It's like the last hurrah of Summer.  But it's also become sort of bitter sweet.  While my daughter is turning 8 this year, her daughter would have been 5.  Five is one of those milestone years.  First independence, first days of school...  I really wanted to be in Georgia on Brooklyn's birthday.  While it's not always been convenient that her's and Kaia's birthdays were so close together, this year it would have been nice.  I wanted to just be there.  Lend a hand, lend a shoulder, lend an ear, say something funny because that's just what I do, make 5 pink cupcakes.  Alas, vacation is forced upon us at the beginning of the month instead.  Ok, put up your tissues... seriousness is over, for now....

I'm excited about going to Georgia!!  Just 3 days until we leave if I don't count today... and I'm not counting today because it's already today so why count it?  I've got my list made 'cause that's what I do.  I make lists.  I'm still completely unorganized, but lists look awesome!  I've got the suitcases out.  I washed several items of clothing yesterday.  I plan on finishing up the "vacation laundry" today.  I'm just going to sit around in my pj's all day since I'm packing up the clothes.  That's pretty much what I do on days I don't have to go anywhere anyway.  *insert cheesy grin here*  I'm on a mission to not wait until the last minute to get all this stuff together.  Chris is conveniently off on Friday due to the holiday on Saturday. (Speaking of holidays... happy Canada Day to all those Canadians out there!)  Friday is CAR day.  Clean out the car, wash the car, change the oil in the car, change the spark plugs in the car, get that one tire replaced on the car...car, car, car.  Hopefully, on Saturday morning we can get most of the stuff packed into the car.  Saturday afternoon, evening, whatever time she would like for us to arrive, we are heading over to Rubi's for a 4th of July shin-dig.  We're all excited about this too!  We normally go to the Catfish Festival in Morgantown.  It's a fancy name for the Butler County Fair.  If you are ever in our neighborhood and want to experience a sweet down home southern county fair, come to the Catfish Festival on July 4th.  Whirl 'til ya puke rides, hot dogs, funnel cakes, cheesy games, all types of people selling all types of things, huge plates of catfish with hush puppies and fries, and the best fireworks.

I've made myself hungry now.   Enough of sitting around on the internet, I've got stuff to do!


  1. Awww...sweetie! I know you think of her, and it means so much to me. She is very real to you, and so you are a safe haven for those tears & memories. I can't believe she would be turning five...

    Switching gears...

    I'm glad you are packing. I am a list and packing freak, so I completely understand the need for more preparation! I will be so super stoked about 9am Sunday morning! I cannot wait! I need to give you directions about what to do once you hit Waycross. We might just meet you at the Holiday Inn, or you can try for Blackshear if you want! Totally up to you. Lemme know!

  2. While I'm going to miss you next week while you are gone- I am SUPER excited to get to see you Saturday!!!! (And I'm excited you get to go to GA to see Cam) (The pool is super excited about its new home too ;) )