A Birthday Weekend

Happy Monday!  It is Monday, right?  So starts another week...

The kids start school next Thursday.  Just a little over a week left of what seems like the shortest summer vacation ever.  I've purchased all of their school supplies and I thought I was doing it earlier than I normally do, but realized with a quick glance at the calendar that indeed I have procrastinated like I usually do.  This week is school clothes and shoes.  Which is always a fun treat...

Not too much going on around here today.  I'm just waiting for a phone call (fingers crossed) letting me know that Kaia has been moved to a different classroom.  Please oh please call soon so I can stop worrying!  And speaking of Kaia!  I'll leave you today with a few photos from the cookout on Saturday and the journey to Nashville on Sunday.

Kaia explaining something to her Grandma.

Rubi taking a picture of someone taking a picture of her.

I'm telling some kind of story here...  and apparently it has to do with my fingers...

Chris the Grill Master.

Random snapshot.

Little Miss Eden and myself.

Hi.  Picture by Kaia.

Her special Red Velvet cupcake with pink & green sprinkles.


Only child I know EXCITED by toothbrushes.  I think it was Snoopy that did it!

Pinata time.

Running to Dad so he would hold her candy for her.

Pockets stuffed, until there is no room left, with candy.
Neil & Kaia waiting in line to be seated at the Rainforest Cafe.
Neil & Chris 
We girls didn't want to take a serious picture....
After eating...a photo op. 
A trip to Build-A-Bear Workshop yielded a Hello Kitty named "Cutie Pie". 
 She really loves her Hello Kitty.

Thus ended our weekend adventures. Leaving the Build-A-Bear store, Kaia said, "You know what Mom? This was the best birthday E-V-E-R!"

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