Sunshine; No Rainbows...

I mentioned rainbows yesterday, but we saw no sun rainbows. Today is absolutely beautiful, but it's a bit chilly. The local weather station says it's around 72, but it sure doesn't feel like it!

Today's exciting news... the dog pulled Neil all the way across the yard this morning while in pursuit of some random dog that happen to be wander by. One of Neil's chores is to take the dog out every morning. We've never had a problem such as this ever before. He's pretty scratched up, but nothing that even required a Band-Aid.

This is one of my pet peeves. People who just allow their animals to wander freely. I understand that I do live in the boonies, but I don't think that is any sort of excuse to let your dog do his business in my yard. I don't let my dog crap in your yard, why don't you keep your dogs crap in your yard? Please? And thank you. We never allow our dog to roam freely. Mainly because of his breed. Some people call them American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, or the American Pit Bull Terrier.

Most people just assume that he is a bad dog or a dog that is ready to fight at all times. This is one of the reasons we didn't have his ears "clipped". Other than the fact that it is an unnecessary pain to put your dog through for no reason what so ever, it also makes them look like mean dogs. This is not so, at least of our dog. He is the most loving dog I have ever owned. A bit goofy at times and hard headed, but a great dog. This morning was one of those times when he acted goofy and hard headed. After I got Neil taken care of and calmed down (because he thought his dog was gone for good... and he had Kaia crying too) I went out in my pajamas, hair not even brushed to yell into oblivion for good ol' Cyrus the Virus. That's his nick name. We stole that from the movie, "ConAir". I thought to myself that this was it. He was gone. I only had to yell twice and he came bounding across the yard, leash in tow. As soon as he got to me, he tucked that tail and lowered his head. He knew. He knew he was in serious trouble. I gave him a good swat on the rear, the obligatory finger shake in the face and walked him to his chain. I told him what a bad boy he was and he went and sat down next to the tree with the biggest puppy dog eyes I have ever seen... stupid, hard headed, goofy dog...

After that drama was over, we got all gussied up for our walk. I decided to try to get in a daily walk. I should have decided this a long time ago, but who wants to walk by themselves? Wednesday was the last day of school for the kiddos and after we got back home I convinced them to walk with me. The goal was to walk everyday. Then yesterday is rained! All Day Long... So much for making this a daily routine, huh? The universe, she is working against me. We live on a road that is insanely busy for a road that literally goes nowhere. There used to be a ferry or a bridge that crossed the Green River many years ago, but it's no longer there. People driving a gazillion miles an hour on the wrong side of the road is not an uncommon site around here. Along with the "Mondo-Tractor". I gave it that nick name because it's so large it takes up the entire road. Back and forth, back and forth, at least a dozen times a day. I hope for the farmers sake that thing runs on bio-diesel. So... walking on this road is OUT.

I chose to walk down a gravel road just a little down from our house. I never see much traffic going in or out and I know that it too dead ends in the river. There is a slight hill that on the way in is a nice down hill stroll. On the way back though, it gets your legs burning. I try to walk a relatively quick pace, but I have no idea if I'm actually doing myself any good. I figure that any amount of activity is better than the non-activity that I'm usually doing.

I used the "Distance Measurement Tool" on the Google Maps and it says that the road is right at a mile long. I've been walking a little more than half way down before turning around so I guess I'm doing about a mile. I have been turning around because I can see a house in the distance from where I turn around and to be honest I wasn't sure if they had any dogs and well, if you read the beginning of my post... I don't want to get chased or bitten by an untethered animal. I know a mile doesn't seem like it's very far, and it's not, but since I'm just getting started with this whole exercise thing I think I should keep it slow for now... Wish me luck!!


  1. You'll have Buns of Steel in no time! Woot Woot! Just in time to come down and lay on the beach!

    PS- gets the energy out of the kiddos too, huh? Another reason I love our walks to the lake!