Sunday Drive – Part 2

We could have just driven back home the way we had come and probably should have, but we decided to take a more scenic route.  By scenic route, I mean we took a road to nowhere.  Once we got away from the main highway, I don’t think I saw a home or anything that resembled a place where a home had been for several miles along the long gravel road.  It was pleasant though.  The kids didn’t argue or fight.  They just sat there with their hands out the windows looking.  Just looking.  It was a nice Sunday Drive.

There's a storm coming...Middle of nowhere   Water tower near Sand Hill Cemetery

I screamed out loud when I saw this as we were trying to find a place to turn around, “Ahhh!  It’s says Billy Bob loves Charlene!  In John Deere Green!”  Does anyone get that but me?  I had to do a little editing to obscure the profanity that apparently “Charlene’s” husband had written about “Billy Bob”.

Worn stoneA old friend...

This was the reason we took the scenic route home.  We ran into someone we hadn’t seen in years while having a bite to eat at the lake.  He asked if we’d heard about an old friend who had recently passed.  We said we had and that we’d attended the visitation.  He said he hadn’t been able to bring himself to attend either the visitation or the funeral, but he’d been out to the cemetery.  We didn’t have to take the long gravel road to get to Sand Hill Cemetery, but we both needed that time to prepare.  We hadn’t spoken to him in several years.  He was younger than we are and that’s hard enough to wrestle with, but knowing that our differences can never be overcome is even harder. 

It’s a secluded cemetery located on either side of a not very used road.  Many of the stones were from the 1800’s.  It was shaded, quiet, peaceful…Family plotOn our way home...

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