Graduates and Lawn Mowers

Happy Monday! I'm running a little behind on my posting today because I actually had something to do today! The kids were supposed to go to the dentist this morning, but I rescheduled. When I first made the appointment, they should have been out of school already, but they had to go a little bit longer because of the ice we had in the Winter. The secretary/receptionist lady was pleasant and said it would be no problem. Ironically, their rescheduled appointment just happens to fall on their first day of school for next year...

This weekend was just as insanely busy as the week was. Lots of mowing, weed-eating, and driving here and there. I feel like we didn't even have a "weekend". I'm so glad that the kids last day of school will be Wednesday. Ahhh...sleeping in... I can't wait. Well, sleeping in to my kids means sleeping until 7AM, but that'll work!

The end of the weekend finally came to a close appropriately with my foster sister-in-law's high school graduation. I haven't been to a graduation since, well... since I graduated come to think of it. Same ol' same ol', but I could tell she was very proud and I was proud for her. I remember that feeling of *insert angels singing here*. wasn't that long ago!
Still working on creating the right header for the blog. Please forgive the absolutely plain one that is gracing the blog at the present moment. I'm working on it!!


  1. Hey! I love your dress, girl!! Very hippie chic...

  2. I thought of you when I got it! It has pockets!! But it's also one of those dresses that's constantly needing to be checked to make sure the boobala's aren't hanging out... hee hee

  3. ewww. I hate weekends like that. It's how ours has been feeling, too. We just got into our home for the summer in the US after living in Germany a bit. When is it time to kick back, huh?!

  4. Weekends can be just as busy as weekdays, sometimes even more. Remember to slow down at some point. Please pass on congrats to your foster sister-in-law. I love the dress, but I have to say, you look great in it! I really don't like going to graduations, especially at LCHS. Instead of enjoying the ceremony, I have to concentrate on not passing out due to heat exhaustion!