Freebies and Such...

I'm such a lazy blogger! I sometimes run of things to post and just end up with a nice picture or a quote that I find that interests me. I don't want to feel obligated to blog every day (I do take the weekends off!), but I also feel like I need to write something every day. I'm kind of stuck. I was doing "Love Thursday". I've just run out of things I love every single Thursday. I know that sounds pessimistic, but that's me. I'm not the cuddly, lovey dovey type. I can be, but I'm just not that optimistic all the time. I don't usually see the brighter side of things. I try to, but it's an on going struggle. Mainly because there is always something going wrong. Do you ever feel like your ahead just to find out that you are actually a couple of steps behind? That happens to us all the time around here. Occasionally, something will go right, but most of the time, it's going wrong.

We are in desperate need of a vacation, but I'm not even sure we will be able to afford to do what we'd like to do this year. If we do, then it will be just enough for the gas to drive there and back with nothing left to actually do anything. I'm on a mission. I'm on a mission to find free and/or inexpensive things to see and do in southern Florida and southern Georgia. Growing up, my parents didn't have a lot of money either. It was quite similar to the way my kids are growing up, but I'm determined to give them things that I didn't get to have. Like vacations... We took a vacation when I was about 6 and then again when I was 17. That's it. As an adult I understand the struggles my parents were going through, but as a child, to be blunt, it sucked. Now I did enjoy every minute of roaming the streets of Auburn with my friends, hanging out on the wall of the funeral home or the church by the one and only store in town, watching Little League games, and playing in the local creek (it was clean then...) But I can remember when my friends couldn't come out to play because they were gone on vacation to some exotic place like... the lake or grandma's or the beach.

So that's where I'm at right now. I want the kids to enjoy visiting family for the summer. I know they will enjoy just hanging out at the beach, but we can't do that every single day! Or can we? Nature trails, state parks, hiking... these are things we all enjoy and are usually relatively inexpensive. I don't want my kids growing up thinking that money can bring you happiness. I'm trying to teach them that you bring your own happiness and I'm still trying to learn that myself.

P.S.  As a side note, I had no idea how popular my blog was!  I mean someone read nearly my entire blog yesterday starting at 2:01PM.  Their last visit was at 9:00PM.  They viewed, in total, 56 times!!  Wowza!  Now that is dedication... or a stalker... or someone who really needs a life!!!


  1. Well...

    Little Miss Popular!!

    I am all over the things we can do for free while you are here. A daytrip to Savannah is definitely on the list!

    I hope you can make it! I can't wait!

  2. When I was growing up, we used to head to Indiana for a week every summer. We stayed with relatives, so no hotel/motel expense. Then, in the first week of July, we had our family reunion in B.G. Our Indiana relatives came and stayed with us for a week. There were always a couple of activities that we went out for, but the best part of it was playing with my cousins, listening in on the conversations while the grown-ups played cards and such.