Beauty Can Be Poke-y

I walked outside last Thursday morning to survey the damage from the night before. I knew that there had been some storms move through overnight because they woke me up. Several times. Or maybe I was just in that point of sleeping where I can hear, but I'm not quite awake and I just thought that I was being awaken every couple of hours. Either way, it woke me up. I'd noticed new growth on this cactus-type plant that my mom had given me. I know nothing of cactus-type plants so I just thought it was more little prickly cactus parts. When I went out on the front porch that morning, I was startled to see a bright yellow flower. I don't think I even knew that cacti flowered. <--You like that don't you? The correct usage of the plural form of cactus... Well, I'm proud of it anyway... The very day before this did not even resemble a flower at all. I was pleasantly surprised.

Then while I was wandering, I found another flower had bloomed. I'm not sure what it is or even where it came from, but I think it may be part of the daisy family. My mind keeps saying it may be called a Susan B. Anthony, but I don't even know if that's a real flower's name... I've been too lazy so far to look it up.


  1. Don't you just love the surprises like that from Mother Nature? The other night, Ash and I stood outside (you can see quite a distance from here) and watched alot of the rotation going on. We also saw funnel clouds forming and trying to reach the ground. Pretty awesome stuff.

  2. Mom thought your little flower at the bottom might be a Lazy Susan or a Black Eyed Susan but those flowers are a little different... lets call it a yeller daisy :o) It's really pretty though.

  3. Those are some beautiful flowers!