A Day in My Life – June 29th, 2009

Chris was off work due to a doctor’s appointment.  The kids were camping with my in-laws.  Not a typical day in my life.  A good reason to take photos of anything and everything all day though!

If felt a little strange to not have Neil wake me up with the usual “Mom, I’m hungry. What’s for breakfast?”.  I don’t see how he can wake up and eat so quickly.  I have to give myself some time to actually get motivated.

I should have checked this the night before, but I forgot to. I sometimes hate to use these "maps" because they aren't nearly as accurate as they pretend to be.



Stopped by the courthouse because Chris’ license expired back in April.  He’s never had time to go get a new one made.  Oops!  Did you know he even got pulled over for not wearing his seatbelt?  The officer took his license and used it to write down all his info for the ticket, but never even noticed that it was expired.  See we aren’t the only ones who don’t notice that type of stuff!

Had to make a extra trip 30 miles out of our way just to go by and pay our phone bill.  There isn’t anywhere in our town to pay it.  Which I think is a crock of cow manure.



Hunger started to hit us just in time for the lunch menu and close to the old reliable Minit Mart.  I used to work there for anyone interested.  It’s been a really long time though and I only lasted 6 months.  Then I quit to go wash cars.  We got our food stuffs and headed to the park.  Which I used to play at nearly everyday during the summer when I was a kid.  Then I quit to go do… other stuff…  

This has been true for years.  Gas has always been cheaper in Franklin.  I guess it’s their proximity to the Tennessee border or something.  When we were younger, we used to drive all the way to Franklin because over there the gas was only $0.79 a gallon.  Yea, that’s right.  Seventy nine cents.


Not the greatest picture of Nashville ever, but I love to just sing the Batman music while driving by.  I don’t know if it was the designers goal to make Nashville look like Gotham with, what we all call, “The Batman Building”, but that’s what he ended up with.  


We only got slightly misdirected on our way down.  A stop by a car dealership and a nice salesman and we were on the right path.  We even got a parking spot in the garage on the ground floor right next to the entrance, exit, and elevators. 


Arriving early apparently doesn’t help your chances of getting in to see your doctor any quicker.  We got there about a quarter to 1PM.  His appointment wasn’t until 2PM.  He was finally called back into a room at 2:45PM.  The nurse asked questions.  She then sent Chris for an X-ray.  Then the resident came in. asked questions, poked, prodded and said do this and do that.  And THEN the doctor came in, asked questions, poked, prodded, said do this and do that.  THEN he went to view the previous MRI.  THEN he came back and said, “I don’t see anything on that MRI.  I want you to do a contrast MRI here.  Not there.  Here.  I want you to start physical therapy and I am going to prescribe you a pain reliever that has an anti-inflammatory in it.”  Thank goodness there is a pharmacy in the hospital because by the time we got out of his office it was 4PM.  However, it was a waste of time because upon reading the warnings on the label and the paper, he will NOT be taking that medication.  Not only no, but HELL no.


By the time we finally got out of there, after grabbing a burger at the in house McDonalds, it was just the beginnings of rush hour traffic.  Luckily, it wasn’t that bad and we never really even stopped.  Just miles of driving about 15 MPH.  All went smoothly and we were out of that craziness.  I could not live in a city that large.  I would become a hermit.



After spending a very long day being stressed and busy, home never looked so good.

 The End

I kicked off my shoes, popped a top, and enjoyed a little breeze sittin’ on the front porch.  Ain’t life grand?

Now I want you to show me a day on your life!  Come on you know you want to!  It’s a great reason to pack your camera around with you all day and snap random photos…

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