Random Thoughts

"Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere."

— Carl Sagan, Cosmos, 1980

P.S. I am really surprised that no one has any thoughts about the situation at Guantanamo Bay!  Surely you just haven't had the time to read and/or comment yesterday's post, right??


  1. You're right...

    I didn't have time, ya know, with the hurling situation at my house...

    Sorry, homeslice!

    But, my answer would be that the entire situation makes my skin crawl and fear for humanity. If they were in Alcatraz, we (as Americans) might have more of an idea about what is really going on, and demand that the process be reevaluated for more efficiency. I cannot imagine being plucked from my life and my family for so long just because someone 'thought' something about me. No real proof needed, just a hunch.

    Hellsbells, I know three that would be at the front of the line just waiting to ship me off right now...

    But, the not in my backyard scenario shouldn't surprise anyone. Most of our leaders lost their ability to feel empathy a long time ago. It's the fat cat syndrome.

    Good question...
    Sorry again!

  2. Sorry, yesterday was kinda hectic for me. I rather agree with the above comments. I think the whole thing is just another big government mess. They haven't done one thing right when it comes to fighting terrorism, so why should the way Gitmo is being handled be any different.

  3. P.S.
    I don't understand the whole Mr. Linky thing.

  4. I forgive you, Cam. I understand the current orifice oozing situation at your abode.

    Bonnie, "Mister Linky" was just a way for others to find their way to your blog to read your answers to the weekly question. However, it hasn't been working right...