Man Made Rodents & Chocolate

My daughter's 2nd grade class is doing a play this year.  Actually, this class did a play last year as well.  My son was in this same teacher's class and he played Christopher Robin in the play, "Winnie the Pooh & Tigger, too!". 

This year they are doing, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". Kaia is going to be Veruca Salt. More on that later...

Saturday some of the parents got together to work on set construction. I forgot to take my camera! I did make a TV using a cardboard box, bulletin board paper, and aluminum foil though. The gigantic blueberry that is supposed to be Violet is causing a bit of trouble, but all in all it went well. The whole point of me telling this is that I brought home some supplies to make squirrels. If you remember, Veruca gets carried away by the squirrels. I'm very proud of my squirrels. I've only made a few so far, but I think they are so cute. Of course, you have to use your imagination just a little...

Average everyday empty toilet paper roll.

Add yarn.

Add pom poms.

Glue pom pom to "rear".

Add googly eyes and a small pom pom.

Voila'!! An army of toilet paper roll squirrels.

Awesome right? They are going to be added to long sticks so that a "puppeteer" can move them all around so it looks as if they are carrying Veruca (Kaia) down the big trash chute. I know I'm probably too excited by my squirrels, but the googly eyes get me everytime.


Oops!  I almost forgot!  Tomorrow is the 2nd edition of "Think About This" Tuesday blog party!   There are so many things that I would like to do and so many places I would like to see... This week's question will be...

What are some of the items on your "bucket list"?
Da Rules:  Write a post on your blog answering this question.  Return to "Think About This" Tuesday's blog party post and put a link to that specific post on Mr. Linky.  Leave a comment.  Visit the other links, check out their posts, LEAVE COMMENTS!  Maybe we should call this a comment party....
See you tomorrow!!

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