Crazy Busy

This week has been crazy busy for me.  You see my kids, my lovely wonderful kids, are STILL in school.  Yes, I totally agree that this is encroaching on our summertime.  This travesty is due to the "Great Ice Storm of 2009".  If you missed what I called "Pioneer Living" you can check it out here, here, and here.  Because of all the lost time at school, the state is having them continue an extra week of school.  Their last day will be June 3rd.  It was supposed to have been May 27th.  They are pretty lucky though because they missed 14 days and are only making up 5.  I heard there was a big issue with the state maybe trying to get them to make up more days, but I guess that issue was resolved.  When I was going to school (which was... quite some time ago), we didn't start until the middle to end of August and got out the middle to end of May.  Now they start earlier and attend longer, but these kids aren't any smarter than we were!  Even the way they are graded has changed!  But I'm getting off my topic, aren't I?

Like I said this week has been c-r-a-z-y for me.  I'm pretty much not lazy or anything, but...

Tuesday was two baseball games.  Luckily, this week they were at different times.  I have to run from one field to the other just in time for the second game to start.  Kaia's team this year is... well, let's just say they try really hard.  Neil's team is pretty good, but there was this one team... This one team that no one had beaten yet.  Their coach is a guy that no one really cares for because he is cocky and full of himself.  They are the team that we played the very first game against and they beat us pretty badly.  This is also the game where Neil got hit with by one of their pitchers. The pitcher who then laughed about it right there on the mound....  Any who...  We had to play them again.  Our boys were determined.  Our boys were on top of their game.  Our boys went out there, didn't allow that other team to intimidate them.  Our boys won.  But not before that same pitcher had hit no less than 5 of our players with pitches!  Including hitting Neil, again.  It was rewarding, but we didn't get home until about 10PM.  We still had to fix something to eat and get everyone in bed.

Wednesday was the 2nd grade "Field Day" at school.  Field day is a day were they take the students and allow them sort of an extended P.E.  For Kaia grade, we did sack races, soccer kicking, bean bag toss, the egg & spoon race (don't worry they were wooden eggs!), and the 50 & 100 yard dashes (not actually that far).  Good grief, these kids are so full of energy!  They were all so excited to get out and play.  Not 15 minutes into it... KABLAM!  Lightening and thunder.  Before we could even get from the field to the gym, we were getting soaked.  Do you know how hard it is for 2 parents and 3 teachers to keep 5 classrooms of around 20 kids each calm and walking in a line?  In the rain?  It's damn near impossible, but we managed.  I spent a lot of the time after the rain anwsering the same question, "Are you Kaia's mom?"   After we got home, did homework, ate dinner, did our nightly routine, I realized... I was exhasted!  Then I realized... I have to do it again tomorrow!  AAHHHH!!!!!!

So Thursday's "Field Day" was nothing like the previous day.  Thank goodness.  Thursday was the 3rd grade at the city park.  You would be amazed at the difference between 2nd and 3rd graders.  The 3rd graders got to do cool stuff.  Neil's grade got to do basketball, soccer, tennis, volleyball, and participating in plain ol' playground play.  They have been studying all these sports in P.E. this year so I just had to supervise!  Wonderful!!  I watched over the volleyball.  Now it's been years, YEARS, I tell you, since I knew anything that resembled rules about volleyball.  I just let them go at it.  I think they all did fairly well and no fighting.  It was so much easier than Wednesday.  After all that, I had to go back to the school, pick Neil up, take him back to the park for baseball practice, then go back to the school because Kaia had practice for her class play.  I made a ginormous blueberry!  Wait 'til you see the pictures from this!

Today shouldn't be too bad though.  Kaia's baseball team is off this week so it's just one ball game.  No practices for baseball or the play.  Just one ball game.  I can't wait for the weekend, but... but... Kaia's got practice for the play Saturday morning and we have to mow the yard and Neil will probably end up having baseball practice and, and, and....

I need a VACATION!!!

{Love Thursday}

I started looking for hearts everywhere.
A hosta in my yard.

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Random Thoughts

"Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere."

— Carl Sagan, Cosmos, 1980

P.S. I am really surprised that no one has any thoughts about the situation at Guantanamo Bay!  Surely you just haven't had the time to read and/or comment yesterday's post, right??

Think About This...

Welcome to Think About This... Tuesday!

I had a post already written and ready to go, but then the news caught my attention. Congress has vetoed the closing of the detention center at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. This was huge campaign fodder for all those reporters. Obama said he was going to close it down. So let it be written, so let it be done, right?? I guess no one thought this whole thing through though because now every one is screaming, "What are we going to do with all the detainees?" I heard good ol' George Stephanolpolous (and I'm absolutely certain I misspelled his last name) give this phenomenon a nice catch phrase of sorts. He said that the Congressmen and representatives are telling the President, "N.i.m.b.y." What is this?? "Not In My BackYard". *eye roll*

Well, if we are going to detain the detainees FOREVER they have to be in someones back yard, right?

While watching AM Kentucky last Thursday morning, I was struck with a solution. I've figured it out.

It's already owned by our country and is part of our National Park system. It's not exactly in someone's back yard either. It's not in the greatest of all conditions, but from what little video and photos I've seen from Iraq and Afghanistan, it can't be all that bad on The Rock. Plus there has only been like one escape from there, right?

Personally, I'm glad I'm not in these law makers shoes. The only thing I know is that these "detainees" have been held at Guantanamo Bay for 8 years. Eight years is a long time to be away from your family, your home. I'm honestly not surprised that when they are released they go right back to terrorism. I mean, we are holding them without charging them for years. I get irritated when the car in front of me holds me at a green light for more than a few minutes...

So what I'd like for you to think about this Tuesday is...

What would you do with the Guantanamo Bay "detainees"?
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**I wrote this on Thursday the 21st so if things change between now and Tuesday when this posts, my apologies.

What is Your Architecture?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. For those readers not in the U.S., I hope you just had a wonderful weekend!

While reading through several blogs on Friday, via the Hooked On Houses blog party, I found a blog with a fun little quiz.  You can read Maya's blog, Completely Coastal, here. Have you ever wondered what architectural style home fits your personality best?  The people over at HGTV's Front Door have designed a quiz to tell you just that!  From Italian to Art Deco to Ranch, there are lots of different styles to suit.

My results??  


Greek Revival

Greek Revival homes (also called Southern Colonial) are a mixture of many influences, including Roman and Greek (the columns) and French (the high windows). You're a mix, too. You take the best from the world and make it all work together. Though sophisticated, you're still up for a night of dancing on a sawdust floor. You love life. You have a welcoming temperament and can always find time to chat over snacks.
I think this is pretty accurate!  I'd love to have an old pre-Civil War farmhouse with a large wrap around porch, big ol' columns, and large windows.

What's your architecture personality?  Go take the quiz and find out!  Make sure you come back and tell us your style!  If you write your own blog post about your results, send me an email and I'll put a link to your post under "Stylish Bloggers"!  Let's share the wealth!

Stylish Bloggers
1.  ???

{Love Thursday}

Every morning it is Neil's job to take out the dog.  Monday morning he actually did it without complaining.  I was shocked!  What was even better was that when he came back in, he brought me a present.  He was very excited.

"Look Mom! I found a heart in the driveway for you."

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Thoughts to Get You Over the Hump

I think human beings are the superior sentient beings on this planet.  Humans have the potential not only to create happy lives for themselves, but also to help other beings.  We have a natural creative ability and it is very important to realize this.

-Dalai Lama from this book.

Think About This Tuesday

Welcome to Think About This Tuesday!!
I want to see the world.  
I want to walk on the Great Wall of China.
I want to kiss the Blarney Stone.
I want to see the pyramids in Egypt.
I want to see the Trevi fountain in Rome.

I want to own a farm. Live in a log cabin. Snorkel, even though I can't swim. See the Kentucky Derby in person. Visit every National Park in the U.S. Live so "green" the electric company has to pay ME......

This is just a tiny view of the things I have written on that infamous "Bucket List".  I can only hope that I get to do half of them!

Today's question is...

"What are some of the things on your "Bucket List"?"
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Man Made Rodents & Chocolate

My daughter's 2nd grade class is doing a play this year.  Actually, this class did a play last year as well.  My son was in this same teacher's class and he played Christopher Robin in the play, "Winnie the Pooh & Tigger, too!". 

This year they are doing, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". Kaia is going to be Veruca Salt. More on that later...

Saturday some of the parents got together to work on set construction. I forgot to take my camera! I did make a TV using a cardboard box, bulletin board paper, and aluminum foil though. The gigantic blueberry that is supposed to be Violet is causing a bit of trouble, but all in all it went well. The whole point of me telling this is that I brought home some supplies to make squirrels. If you remember, Veruca gets carried away by the squirrels. I'm very proud of my squirrels. I've only made a few so far, but I think they are so cute. Of course, you have to use your imagination just a little...

Average everyday empty toilet paper roll.

Add yarn.

Add pom poms.

Glue pom pom to "rear".

Add googly eyes and a small pom pom.

Voila'!! An army of toilet paper roll squirrels.

Awesome right? They are going to be added to long sticks so that a "puppeteer" can move them all around so it looks as if they are carrying Veruca (Kaia) down the big trash chute. I know I'm probably too excited by my squirrels, but the googly eyes get me everytime.


Oops!  I almost forgot!  Tomorrow is the 2nd edition of "Think About This" Tuesday blog party!   There are so many things that I would like to do and so many places I would like to see... This week's question will be...

What are some of the items on your "bucket list"?
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See you tomorrow!!

Hooked On {Sunshine}

Copyright 2006 Christine Bewley
We've had so much rain and overcast skies lately that I am so happy to finally see some sunlight!  We usually complain when it gets too hot or the sun is beating down on us all day long, but when you don't have it... when it's been cloudy and rainy for days...  
All we want is a little sunshine to brighten our day.  
So here's a little sunshine to make your day brighter! 
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{Love Thursday}

I think the moments before a flower has fully bloomed show that flower at it's most beautiful.

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Thoughts to Get You Over the Hump

As humans, we all have the same potential, unless there is some sort of retarded brain function.  The wonderful human brain is the source of our strength and the source of our future, provided we utilize it in the right direction.  If we use the brilliant human mind in a wrong way, it really is a disaster. 

-Dalai Lama from this book.

Two Year-oversary

It's my two year blogoversary!

I can not believe I've actually be at this for two years. So much has gone on and changed and been changed again...

Hopefully, I've found something I can stick to now... well, the blog layout will always be in a constant state of change, but maybe everything else will stick around for awhile!

Thanks for still reading!

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Think About This Tuesday

Welcome to Think About This Tuesday! 
Some of the questions will be simple, some will require a little more thought.

It's no secret that I love reading.  I'll give just about anything a try.  Usually within the first chapter I know whether or not I want to finish reading that book.  The books I have range from Tom Brokaw to Buddhism to Stephen King.  Of all the books I've ever read one has always stood alone.

"A Time to Kill" by John Grisham
I read this book BEFORE I watched the movie.  Books are always, ALWAYS, better than the movies.  I remember feeling what Carl Lee felt.  I was angry.  I agreed with him when he said, "Yes, they deserved to die!  And I hope they burn in hell!"  I immediately thought that schools should require this book be read in American History classes.  Of course, this will never happen because the book is about race, rape, and murder.  It's insane to think that while these things really happened, some people still try to sweep it under a rug.  While I think that you should always read the book before seeing the movie, I will admit that the movie adaptation was nearly spot on.  The cast of characters was exactly how I imagined them in my mind.  The book is several years old, but if you've got the chance, give it read.

This week's question is....
"What's your favorite book?  Why?" 

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Dear Cam

Dear Cam,

I lied when I said I hadn't found any old pictures of you.

Love, Christine

I found this picture of me too...if it makes any difference at all to the beating you are going to give me...

What is your favorite book? Why?
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Hooked On {Patterns}

I am not very crafty. 

I want to be very crafty.  My mind thinks it's crafty, but... it is not.  My grandmother was crafty.  She was a seamstress for many years.  She hemmed this & that, made dolls, made quilts... My mother is crafty.  She's hemmed this & that, made dolls, constructed things from wood, crochets afghans right before your very eyes... not to mention the drawing and painting skills.

I am not very crafty.

Last week, I was only on a mission to finish up my mom's birthday present, which has now turned into a birthday/Mother's Day present.  The store was having a sale on Simplicity patterns.  Ninety nine cents.  Yes, you read that right.  All Simplicity patterns... only $0.99.  I couldn't stop myself.  I felt the crafty-ness take hold of me.  I bought four.

Notice the two that are for "Dummies"??  I wasn't completely out of my mind when I bought them!  The yoga accessories looked fairly square and easy to make as well.

It's the dolls that will kill me.  I think they are the cutest little dolls and I want to sell them in my Etsy shop.  I opened up the pattern, took out the instructions, and then sat there scratching my head.  I have no idea what half of these words mean.  I guess this is how you learn though, right??  Plus, I called my mom and begged for help understanding what it all means.  I'm giving myself a time frame of about a month.  Do you think that is long enough for a beginner? Or not long enough?  While you think about it...

What's got you hooked this week??  Head over to Hooked On Houses blog party to see what everyone else is hooked on!

{Love Thursday}

Every afternoon...
I wait for this moment.

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PS.... Happy birthday Uncle Bergen!! Love, Kaia

Another Week Begins

Another week is beginning.  Another week where I had a long post voicing my frustrations that I'm again not going to post.  Sometimes things happen that can alter your perspective a little and bring you back to what is important.

Sunday morning I received a call from Rubi.  This was not normal.  Yes, she is my friend.  Yes, we do talk, but it's mostly on the internet.  It was early for her and I knew something was up.  She told me her step-dad had passed away early that morning.  Could I come?  I was immediately awake at that point and ready to go soon after.  I didn't do much after getting there and I kind of felt a little out of place, but my point for being there was just that.  To be there.  And so I was.

This Monday I'm not going to complain about things.  I'm going to use this as a sort of "moment of silence" for a kind man who meant the world to a lot of people.  You will be missed......


I have to be honest and tell you that I haven't really been Hooked On anything here lately.  With the kids school stuff and baseball and regular home issues, I haven't had time to be "into" anything.

I had to take my husband to the doctor yesterday.  He's hurt his shoulder at work.  The doc was really nice and so far it's just a shoulder sprain, but he ordered an MRI for next week.  Since he got hurt at work it's workman's comp so his work will have to approve the MRI.  Fingers crossed that it isn't anything majorly troublesome.

Today I'm going to B.G. to get a couple of things from Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart.  I've got to finish up my mom's birthday gift.  I'm a terrible present giver since her birthday was on Tuesday and she still hasn't received her gift from me.  She did like the post I wrote about her, but I don't think that's exactly what she wanted for her birthday.  I'm going to take some trusty hand sanitizer with me.  People are going to think that I wear Germ-X as perfume....  If it keeps the bugs away... I. DO. NOT. CARE.  Kaia has been coughing and complaining of a sore throat.  I'm worried, but I've seen these things before with her.  I believe it's allergies, but I'm going to call the pediatrian today and make her an appointment for next week, just in case.  I'd rather be safe than have the flu floating around my house.  I'm going to try to head by the secondhand store that Cam introduced me to sometime today.  I'm running on 2 pairs of jeans and I LOVE jeans... so I need more than 2 pair.  I haven't been since she moved to Georgia and I think she'll be proud of me for going without her.

Next week, I'll give you all the details (if anything interesting happens) and maybe some photos too!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  See ya on Monday!!

UPDATE:  I didn't want to you guys to be gnawing on your nails in anticipation of photos when, in fact, I forgot my camera...  But trust me when I tell you that I didn't come across anything photo worthy.  Except maybe the Civil War memorial at the courthouse.  The secondhand store was a disappointment because all 5 pairs of jeans I tried on were obviously made for someone else because they didn't look right.  I ended up with a $3.18 t-shirt.  I did find all Simplicity patterns were on sale for only $0.99 at Hobby Lobby though....