Yep, It's Monday.

Happy Monday everybody!

This weekend was crazy busy! Handsome Husband was off work on Friday due to the holiday so we got to spend the day together. Originally we were supposed to retrieve my truck from the old place, but it was rainy and soggy so we weren't able to get it then. We grocery shopped and generally just hung around the homestead all day. Saturday meant getting up early (the kids were not excited by this), cooking and eating breakfast burritos, and heading out. We had to pick up Handsome Husband's father's truck, then go somewhere else to grab a trailer, then on to the old place to get my truck. It's practically immobile. No battery, transmission hanging half out, drive shaft rusting in the bed... this means lots of manual moving. ...More about all this on Thursday...

Saturday afternoon meant rollerskating with the Girl Scouts! I have to admit that I was reeaaally excited about going rollerskating. Rubi had won a birthday party package on her last visit to the Skate Box and was a great GS leader by offering up her free party to the troop! Kaia was pretty excited too. The first pair of skates she got were so fast that I was surprised she could even stand up at all! A fellow parent said that the employees could tighten up the wheels for her so we asked and they gave her a pair that could be tightened up and I swear I never saw her again. She only fell a couple of more times after that. She was fearless. I can distinctly remember being scared to death of setting foot on the skate floor when I was a kid. I was so afraid that I would fall at her age that I just stuck to the carpet.

I was proud of myself this time around. It's been YEARS since I last skated and I didn't fall and I didn't make anybody else fall either... well, except that one time, but I'm not counting that because she was already on her way down. I just didn't reach her in time to keep her from going all the way down. It was a lot of fun and she was begging to come back next weekend. Parents skate free on the weekends from 2-5 so I'm already trying to talk Handsome Husband into going next week.

Off she goes!

Sunday afternoon we went to my in-laws for a gathering. The kids hunted eggs, we ate hamburgers and hot dogs. The day was beautiful, although the wind did pick up some and it got a little chilly. The kids were happy 'cause they had candy!

Kudos publicly on my blog if you can correctly guess what that is in the cardboard basket in this photo. Sorry Rubi & Cam are excluded from this because they have prior knowledge of the baskets contents! LOL!

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