Sprung Spring

On Monday, I came up with the bright (and cheap) idea of taking the kids hiking since this week is their Spring Break. I didn't want them just sitting around the house for the whole week. Since Monday's forecast was the best of the week, I decided we'd go that day. I looked around various websites to find the location closest to where we live. It was a toss up between Lake Malone State Park or Mammoth Cave. I chose Lake Malone because we've not gone on those trails before. If you go to their website you will see there is no notice of closure whatsoever. I even called ahead to make sure. I got the answering machine so I left a message. I waited what I thought was a reasonable amount of time... about an hour. If we waited any longer, we'd have run out of time. Now it is about 34 miles from my house to the state park. The kids were excited to be getting out of the house and to be honest so was I. I even packed up a lunch so after our hike we could picnic.

We had no such luck. Upon arrival, the gates were not only closed, but padlocked with a chain. All the signs were covered with black plastic except for the huge stop sign on the gate. I was less than thrilled. I had seen a car parked at the Park Office so I stopped by there on our way out. Not only was the car parked there false advertising... there was a Post-It note saying, and I quote, "out sick". That was it. Nothing that stated for further assistance phone...such and such... NOTHING. Most people know that I have absolutely no patience what-so-ever. After driving all that way, I couldn't even complain properly. No wonder no one had called me back... they were "out sick".

I stopped by the spillway instead. There were a couple of guys fishing, but it was peaceful all the same. The spillway was opened pretty far so there was a nice rush of water coming through. We sat down and ate our gummies, watched the guys fish, and then tried to skip rocks. I apologized to the kids on our way home for not being able to go hiking and they both said...

"It's ok, Mom. We had fun just spending time with you." Ahh... I love those guys.

After being consulted by the awe inspiring Cam over at Journey Wildly, I discovered that many of you fine folks are connecting using the semi-new Google Friend Connect. I would like to take this opportunity to shamelessly plug myself. I have a mere 6 followers! Oh... the horror! Won't you be my friend? Please, pretty please... with sugar on top?! I have found from visiting other blogs that it's a great way to view fellow bloggers and find new and interesting blogs. I have moved the widget/wadget/gidget/gadget to my side bar for maximum exposure.

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  1. You can always come and visit us. I'd love for you to see what we've accomplished over here so far, and the kids can run around inside or out. Just thought I'd mention...today is a beautiful day for just such a trip to "Grandma's" house!

  2. I put the squeeze on Kat & Ash, so they are following you now also. (Like they have been following us around for years. You know they love their surrogate big sister!)

    And, Mom? I just hacked into her blog and added her. I knew she would want to, but probably get a little confused.

    PS...did you know Kat has a blog?