Simmer on Low

Happy Monday everyone!

I am exhausted! Starting on Friday, I was running. I feel like I haven't stopped running yet. I'm looking forward to the day where I have nothing to do all day and I can sit around in my pajamas ALL.DAY.LONG!!

I had a plan. I had a plan to slather myself in sunscreen every time I went outside. You see, I'm what I refer to as Whitey McWhiteWhite. I'm really, really white. I'm who the Native Americans think of when they say "the Pale Faces". I had no chance really. Even my ancestors are the whitest of all white people. You'd think somewhere along the way, they'd added some color. Anyway, I don't tan well. I burn and peel. The plan was to wear sunscreen as much as possible so I don't get the dreaded "farmer's tan". In case you aren't sure what that is, it's where you are outside all day, everyday and end up only having a tan from your elbows down or from the bottom of your shorts down to where your socks and shoes are resulting in you looking like you are still wearing clothes when you are naked. It's comical, trust me. I made the mistake the first mowing of the yard a couple of weeks ago and forgot the suncreen then too. This weekend did me in though.

Friday I volunteered to help out at the school fundraiser. I wasn't quite aware that I would be sitting in direct sunlight from 9AM until 2:30PM. The sunscreen was in my car. Not on me. The painful effects didn't actually kick in until that night. Saturday and Sunday where both busy days with having to visit the grocery store, multiple baseball practices, and mowing the yard again, which takes just about 3 hours by the way. I did remember the sunscreen, but I think the damage was already done. It didn't really help since I was already burnt to a crisp. Where would I be without aloe?!?!

Imagine this all the way to where my socks were and from where my t-shirt sleeves ended to my hands.... I am lobster, hear me cook.

P.S. I should clarify that this picture above is of the top of my legs..... just in case someone thought it may be something else....