{Love Thursday}

Today is {Love Thursday} day. I would love (ha, love) to be able to write deep and meaningful things about love. See here, here, and here for examples of deep and meaningful {Love Thursday} posts. I tried it out... being all deep and stuff. We weren't compatible. I'm not deep and/or meaningful. I'm random and distracted.

So this week's {Love Thursday} is dedicated to...

My Truck!!

OK, I know she isn't pretty. I know you are all saying to yourselves... she loves that?! But... I DO! I do love my poor little 13 year old truck. Remember when I said on Monday that I'd tell you about her?

Sunday was supposed to be lounge around the house day, but turned into physically demanding Sunday. I said before that she was practically immobile. You may or may not remember this past Summer that my dad, AKA Dr. Dad, and I attempted to get her mobile again.

Yea... uh, not so much. We gave up and things were torn apart. The driveshaft is in the bed, the transmission is hanging halfway out of the thingy-ma-jig that it's supposed to be inside... it's a fiasco. What's worse is that we had to push it. Onto a trailer. With only 3 people. Not so luckily, I was again the guinea pig who had to steer (without power steering) the truck onto the trailer. Scccaaarryyyy.... but exiting the vehicle "Dukes of Hazzard" style was exciting.

I've always been a t-shirt, jeans, and truck kind of girl. In stark contrast is my best friend who is a hippie skirt wearing VW lover... anyway....

I've loved my truck since the first day I saw her. That was back in 2000. She looked much better back in the day, but time has taken it's toll on her. Sitting around not being driven has taken it's toll too, but I just can't part with her. She's seen me through many a rough time. She only got me stuck in the winter time once and that wasn't completely her fault. I should have known better that to attempt that curvy hill.

There was that one time I was running late for work. I was in such a hurry to get inside that I must have forgotten to engage the emergency brake or put it in gear (she's got a manual transmission which is another love I have for her!). An hour into work I received a phone call from the police department. Could I please take my keys outside to my vehicle? Apparently, she was running away. A good samaritan had managed to stop my rolling across the parking lot truck right before it slammed into a parked Corvette! Ahh... the memories.

And so now she is finally home. That 3rd person wasn't able to help getting her off of the trailer so that was just a two man show. Boy howdy was that ever so fun! I jest. I thought I would be sore on Sunday from the roller skating on Saturday, but I wasn't. Monday though after all the pushing, pulling and grunting and, at one point, screaming through the pushing (yes, similar to childbirth without the rewards) I was exhausted. I have several bruises to prove what a tough ol' bird that truck really is, but I love her. I can't wait until I can actually get her on the road again.

Happy {Love Thursday} everybody! I hope you enjoyed my random and distracted post!


  1. I think everyone has that one vehicle that's tied to so many memories that they just can't bear to part with her. Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. Happy Love Thursday!

    Many memories of her, and all the times she was our grand chariot.

    PS-not wearing a hippie skirt today....


    it's crushed velvet pants... *giggle*

  3. Awww, I hope your truck is back up and running soon! Happy Love Thursday!

  4. Happy love thursday!

    I hope your truck is up and running soon as well!

  5. LOL!! I'm laughing, really hard!

    You remind me of my sister Doris with this line, "being all deep and stuff." My sister is not on this earth any longer in case you didn't know. But she used to say that all that time especially when it came to describing perfection...

    I loved hearing about her, your black truck! It was fun, light and random. Hey, I think that's what I call living in the present moment - BE!

    There's enough deep and seriousness going around and I'm one of them..LOL!

    Thanks for visiting Operation you! I really appreciate you stopping by!

  6. Vchelle -- glad I could brighten your day!!

  7. I think your truck is rather pretty in her own unique way! Loved reading the story behind it.