Hooked On... (Color)

I can't believe it's already time for Hooked on Houses' Friday blog party already!!

The specific color I am hooked on this week is HAIR color! I've been coloring my hair for so long that I honestly don't remember what my honest to goodness hair color should be! Most people color their hair to maintain the shine or cover up a few stray grays here and there. I started out just doing a little highlights then moved on to doing the all over color. Usually the general medium brown or dark brown or reddish brown... A couple of years ago I got bored with brown. I went fuchsia.

I loved it!!! I've done that a few times, but recently while browsing on Etsy I found someone who pulls it off way way better than I ever did. I "tweeted" her recently and told her how jealous I was of her awesome use of hair color. I was inspired! That's when I started looking for what to use. I decided to try out going red. Not regular hair color red, but you know... red. I got the same stuff I usually use for the fuchsia, but red. I don't like it. I wish that I could say I did, but I don't. It's application process is a bit tricky. You have to use what amounts to an over sized mascara brush to put it on your hair, but the directions specifically say, "Do not brush into hair." Huh?? Half the time there are spots where the color doesn't show. I began my search all over again.

That's when I discovered Manic Panic. I've seen this stuff before, but I was always under the impression that you would have to bleach your hair before hand. Bleaching my hair scares me. I'm afraid it will all fall out. And this one time... I tried to bleach... I turned yellow. Well, I prefer to call it "yeller". Like a school bus. Needless to say, I'm a little apprehensive on the whole bleaching thing. While searching their site though I discovered that I don't necessarily have to bleach. Only if I want the color to really, really stand out. I also discovered that they have like a gazillion different colors! Well, not that many, but more than 30! It's like hair color heaven!!

So this Friday I'm hooked on abnormal hair color! Every home needs color, right???

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  1. i once put blue streaks in my hair, remember? midnight blue that showed up in the light?

    i love your hair, by the way.

  2. That's great! Made me giggle. :)

  3. I bleach before pinking my hair, and yes, it does go that weird "bleach yellow" which is is supposed to, but the Manic Panic obliterates any sign of said yellow. If you ever get decide to be brave (or foolhardy) enough to try it I can be your pinkification coach. :-)

  4. Good luck on the hair color. I too, was under the impression you had to bleach first. Color is all the rage in my daughter's class at school. Me, I'll just keep to coloring the GRAY.....LOL
    Thanks for the visit!

  5. I was never that adventurous with my hair color..., only once by mistake it turned out orange, which I did not like!

  6. I so admire your "boldness"...and a go girl to you! I have mine colored...too much of wimp to do it myself...but oh how I love your choice. : )

  7. I have a friend who's daughter is constantly dying her hair a different color. I love it! It makes me wonder what she will look like every time I see her!

  8. A lady at work used to get the coolest highlights -- usually three different colours done in chunks. Hard to explain, but trust me, really cool!! Seeing as we had the same hairdresser, I decided to give the colourful chunky highlights a shot -- LOVED them!!

    Have fun with your hair!!

    Thanks for checking out my Ron Burns post :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  9. I love crazy cool hair color too! I think I'm going to get a little pink this summer ;D