Today is my 300th post! Can you believe it? I can't believe it! Who knew I had so much to say? Ok, wait... don't answer that!! Not only is today a great milestone for me, it's also a milestone for my Mom. Today is her birthday!
On April 28th, 1949 in Nashville, Tennessee, my Mom was born! She turns a spry young age of 60 today!!! Woo hoo!! Here is wishing you a happy, happy, happy birthday!!!

Simmer on Low

Happy Monday everyone!

I am exhausted! Starting on Friday, I was running. I feel like I haven't stopped running yet. I'm looking forward to the day where I have nothing to do all day and I can sit around in my pajamas ALL.DAY.LONG!!

I had a plan. I had a plan to slather myself in sunscreen every time I went outside. You see, I'm what I refer to as Whitey McWhiteWhite. I'm really, really white. I'm who the Native Americans think of when they say "the Pale Faces". I had no chance really. Even my ancestors are the whitest of all white people. You'd think somewhere along the way, they'd added some color. Anyway, I don't tan well. I burn and peel. The plan was to wear sunscreen as much as possible so I don't get the dreaded "farmer's tan". In case you aren't sure what that is, it's where you are outside all day, everyday and end up only having a tan from your elbows down or from the bottom of your shorts down to where your socks and shoes are resulting in you looking like you are still wearing clothes when you are naked. It's comical, trust me. I made the mistake the first mowing of the yard a couple of weeks ago and forgot the suncreen then too. This weekend did me in though.

Friday I volunteered to help out at the school fundraiser. I wasn't quite aware that I would be sitting in direct sunlight from 9AM until 2:30PM. The sunscreen was in my car. Not on me. The painful effects didn't actually kick in until that night. Saturday and Sunday where both busy days with having to visit the grocery store, multiple baseball practices, and mowing the yard again, which takes just about 3 hours by the way. I did remember the sunscreen, but I think the damage was already done. It didn't really help since I was already burnt to a crisp. Where would I be without aloe?!?!

Imagine this all the way to where my socks were and from where my t-shirt sleeves ended to my hands.... I am lobster, hear me cook.

P.S. I should clarify that this picture above is of the top of my legs..... just in case someone thought it may be something else....

New Project

I'm working on a new project for the Etsy shop.  I'm working without a pattern here so it's trial and error.  I hope that it will be trial and success soon!

Like my purple desk??
 Sew far, sew good.  Ha ha I crack myself up.

UPDATE:  I worked on this yesterday and met with little success.   I'm going to have to start from scratch I believe....


Calling all readers!! Calling all readers!!

I need some help here. We're going to call this Operation Livingroom.  My livingroom is laid out in the most wonky, unusable way.  Before I get to that though...

This is my fireplace. It is a working fireplace, however, it hasn't been used in many, many years and we don't plan on using it anytime soon. If you notice just to the right of the fireplace is a doorway that goes to the dining room.

Those three little letters on the mantle are sort of a project I've been sort of working on, but sort of haven't ever finished. I plan on getting several different textures, sizes, makes, and models of the letter B to go above the mantle on the wall. Eventually...

I despise the two lights. Problem is they are the only light source in the entire room. We do have one additional lamp, but it doesn't give enough light all by itself.

Our problem is that I have no idea where to place the furniture in and around this room! Right now, everything is just put in a "usable" spot.

Check out these photos for a better view.... click to make them larger.

The piano isn't ours, but is likely going to stay at our place for a little while longer.  It weighs... I least a billion pounds.  It was made in, I believe, 1817 or 1917.  Either way it was back when they made stuff with REAL wood. It's heavy is my point....

So I need help, help, help!

What are some suggestions you all have for making this a better looking usable space?

Tomorrow is Earth Day so I will be ditching the internet for the whole day.  I've already scheduled a post for Wednesday.  Remember the Earth everyday!!  See you all on Thursday!

And it's 1, 2, 3 strikes... You're Out!

Little League baseball season has started!

It started with a bang too! Opening day was Saturday. They had individual and team pictures taken. There was a big to-do with the announcement of every player on every team.

Kaia's team wasn't playing. They had a bye week. Apparently only two other players knew about the big shin-dig. She does have more than three people on her team!

Here's Neil getting ready to be announced. His team played in the first game of the season. They lost. *pouting lower lip*

These are the entire (except for several missing kids) Little League teams for this year. I should have taken a panoramic because I missed a few people on the edges.

I mentioned earlier that Neil's team played in the first game of the season. He has the same head coach, T, that he had last year and he was really excited by that. His dad is also coaching this year. The team they played was being coached by a guy that not too many people like to lose to. Well, no one likes to lose, but this coach is a real.... uh, we'll go with smarty britches. The game went as good as we thought that it might. There are two or three kids on our team who don't ever come to practice and it showed.

Many of you know that I have a temper. I sometimes have a hard time getting a hold of the whole brain/mouth thing. My brain doesn't always register that I should keep my mouth shut. With that said...

This is the first year for a lot of these kids in "kid pitch" league. Last year they used a pitching machine. The opposing team put in their second pitcher and he was a pretty big boy. Which means that he can throw the ball pretty hard. He was throwing all over the place. A couple of times he even threw behind the hitters. It was Neil's turn to bat. He had two balls and one strike. The pitcher threw. That's when I heard it. Not the crack of the bat, not the thud of the ball hitting the catchers mitt. The smack of the ball hitting my son squarely in the back.

This is what it looks like when your child gets hit with a baseball going about 50 MPH.

It was like slow motion. I saw him turn, drop his bat, grab his back, and go down on one knee. The officials and coaches are yelling, "Neil, are you OK?" He looked up from the ground, tears streaming down his face, shakes his head and says, "NO!" By this time, I'm up against the fence, the head coaches wife, P, is next to me yelling at Neil to just breathe!! We can't see anything because both officials and both T and Chris are surrounding Neil on the field.

That's when I saw the pitcher.... LAUGHING. This is where I lost the hold on the brain/mouth thing. "Hey! Stop laughing!! I don't see anything funny about this!!" To which that little jerk looked at me and spit. HE SPIT! Believe me when I tell you that if there had not been a fence between us I may have made a real ass of myself. Neil got up though and shook it off. He took up his spot on 1st base. Then proceeded to steal both 2nd and 3rd. He got called out at home on a technicality. I think they should institute instant replay in Little League. You are not out if the pitcher tags you with an empty glove. *eye roll*

After the game, another coach from a different team approached us and recommended that we phone the head of the Little League in our area. He said that it was extremely unsportsmanlike to be laughing, smirking, and making a joke out of hitting someone with the ball. It's dangerous as well. I found P and asked for that number. She told me that T had gone to Smarty Britches immediately after the game and mentioned that he should probably go over what being sportsmanlike is with his team. She said Smarty Britches just shrugged his shoulders and walked off. I'm beginning to think that maybe some of the adults on that team need a lesson is manners too.

Later that night, Neil came to me and said he didn't want to play against that team again. I told him that they'd have to play them at least once more. I told him next time he comes up to bat against that pitcher to remember what happened this time. Except next time hit the ball out of the park and show him that he doesn't intimidate you.

The good news is that the first game is over. The team can see the things they need to work on. They have a bye week next week so they have an extra week to get ready for the next game. Next time though I may have to sit further back in the bleachers!

Hooked On... (Color)

I can't believe it's already time for Hooked on Houses' Friday blog party already!!

The specific color I am hooked on this week is HAIR color! I've been coloring my hair for so long that I honestly don't remember what my honest to goodness hair color should be! Most people color their hair to maintain the shine or cover up a few stray grays here and there. I started out just doing a little highlights then moved on to doing the all over color. Usually the general medium brown or dark brown or reddish brown... A couple of years ago I got bored with brown. I went fuchsia.

I loved it!!! I've done that a few times, but recently while browsing on Etsy I found someone who pulls it off way way better than I ever did. I "tweeted" her recently and told her how jealous I was of her awesome use of hair color. I was inspired! That's when I started looking for what to use. I decided to try out going red. Not regular hair color red, but you know... red. I got the same stuff I usually use for the fuchsia, but red. I don't like it. I wish that I could say I did, but I don't. It's application process is a bit tricky. You have to use what amounts to an over sized mascara brush to put it on your hair, but the directions specifically say, "Do not brush into hair." Huh?? Half the time there are spots where the color doesn't show. I began my search all over again.

That's when I discovered Manic Panic. I've seen this stuff before, but I was always under the impression that you would have to bleach your hair before hand. Bleaching my hair scares me. I'm afraid it will all fall out. And this one time... I tried to bleach... I turned yellow. Well, I prefer to call it "yeller". Like a school bus. Needless to say, I'm a little apprehensive on the whole bleaching thing. While searching their site though I discovered that I don't necessarily have to bleach. Only if I want the color to really, really stand out. I also discovered that they have like a gazillion different colors! Well, not that many, but more than 30! It's like hair color heaven!!

So this Friday I'm hooked on abnormal hair color! Every home needs color, right???

Go visit Julia at Hooked on Houses to find out what everyone is hooked on this week!

{Love Thursday}

Today is {Love Thursday} day. I would love (ha, love) to be able to write deep and meaningful things about love. See here, here, and here for examples of deep and meaningful {Love Thursday} posts. I tried it out... being all deep and stuff. We weren't compatible. I'm not deep and/or meaningful. I'm random and distracted.

So this week's {Love Thursday} is dedicated to...

My Truck!!

OK, I know she isn't pretty. I know you are all saying to yourselves... she loves that?! But... I DO! I do love my poor little 13 year old truck. Remember when I said on Monday that I'd tell you about her?

Sunday was supposed to be lounge around the house day, but turned into physically demanding Sunday. I said before that she was practically immobile. You may or may not remember this past Summer that my dad, AKA Dr. Dad, and I attempted to get her mobile again.

Yea... uh, not so much. We gave up and things were torn apart. The driveshaft is in the bed, the transmission is hanging halfway out of the thingy-ma-jig that it's supposed to be inside... it's a fiasco. What's worse is that we had to push it. Onto a trailer. With only 3 people. Not so luckily, I was again the guinea pig who had to steer (without power steering) the truck onto the trailer. Scccaaarryyyy.... but exiting the vehicle "Dukes of Hazzard" style was exciting.

I've always been a t-shirt, jeans, and truck kind of girl. In stark contrast is my best friend who is a hippie skirt wearing VW lover... anyway....

I've loved my truck since the first day I saw her. That was back in 2000. She looked much better back in the day, but time has taken it's toll on her. Sitting around not being driven has taken it's toll too, but I just can't part with her. She's seen me through many a rough time. She only got me stuck in the winter time once and that wasn't completely her fault. I should have known better that to attempt that curvy hill.

There was that one time I was running late for work. I was in such a hurry to get inside that I must have forgotten to engage the emergency brake or put it in gear (she's got a manual transmission which is another love I have for her!). An hour into work I received a phone call from the police department. Could I please take my keys outside to my vehicle? Apparently, she was running away. A good samaritan had managed to stop my rolling across the parking lot truck right before it slammed into a parked Corvette! Ahh... the memories.

And so now she is finally home. That 3rd person wasn't able to help getting her off of the trailer so that was just a two man show. Boy howdy was that ever so fun! I jest. I thought I would be sore on Sunday from the roller skating on Saturday, but I wasn't. Monday though after all the pushing, pulling and grunting and, at one point, screaming through the pushing (yes, similar to childbirth without the rewards) I was exhausted. I have several bruises to prove what a tough ol' bird that truck really is, but I love her. I can't wait until I can actually get her on the road again.

Happy {Love Thursday} everybody! I hope you enjoyed my random and distracted post!

Easy Peasy

Remember yesterday when I told you, briefly, about the breakfast burritos? Well, the kids love these things! I think I discovered them from an episode of Oprah. One where Cat Cora and some other famous chef's were giving regular ol' families ideas for eating smarter and cheaper.

We always have tortillas at the house. I like to make myself quasadillas. Usually on the weekdays the kids prefer to eat a big bowl of cereal or some oatmeal, but on the weekends I make them the burritos.

These things are super easy to make and I can't believe I'd never thought of this idea myself.

Get some flour tortillas from the grocery store or make your own. Making your own tortillas would probably make this whole thing less "easy peasy" though. Just cook your sausage or bacon as you normally would then set them aside. Scramble up some eggs. Take the sausage or bacon and break it up into smaller pieces. Add that to the eggs. If you prefer cheese, I always let the eggs get just about done then I add a little cheese. This way the cheese can melt a little before you put it on the tortilla. I just use your everyday individually sliced cheese. Scoop some of this into a tortilla then fold the right side over, fold in both ends and fold up with the left side.

There you go. Done. Breakfast is served.

See, I told you it was easy peasy.

Yep, It's Monday.

Happy Monday everybody!

This weekend was crazy busy! Handsome Husband was off work on Friday due to the holiday so we got to spend the day together. Originally we were supposed to retrieve my truck from the old place, but it was rainy and soggy so we weren't able to get it then. We grocery shopped and generally just hung around the homestead all day. Saturday meant getting up early (the kids were not excited by this), cooking and eating breakfast burritos, and heading out. We had to pick up Handsome Husband's father's truck, then go somewhere else to grab a trailer, then on to the old place to get my truck. It's practically immobile. No battery, transmission hanging half out, drive shaft rusting in the bed... this means lots of manual moving. ...More about all this on Thursday...

Saturday afternoon meant rollerskating with the Girl Scouts! I have to admit that I was reeaaally excited about going rollerskating. Rubi had won a birthday party package on her last visit to the Skate Box and was a great GS leader by offering up her free party to the troop! Kaia was pretty excited too. The first pair of skates she got were so fast that I was surprised she could even stand up at all! A fellow parent said that the employees could tighten up the wheels for her so we asked and they gave her a pair that could be tightened up and I swear I never saw her again. She only fell a couple of more times after that. She was fearless. I can distinctly remember being scared to death of setting foot on the skate floor when I was a kid. I was so afraid that I would fall at her age that I just stuck to the carpet.

I was proud of myself this time around. It's been YEARS since I last skated and I didn't fall and I didn't make anybody else fall either... well, except that one time, but I'm not counting that because she was already on her way down. I just didn't reach her in time to keep her from going all the way down. It was a lot of fun and she was begging to come back next weekend. Parents skate free on the weekends from 2-5 so I'm already trying to talk Handsome Husband into going next week.

Off she goes!

Sunday afternoon we went to my in-laws for a gathering. The kids hunted eggs, we ate hamburgers and hot dogs. The day was beautiful, although the wind did pick up some and it got a little chilly. The kids were happy 'cause they had candy!

Kudos publicly on my blog if you can correctly guess what that is in the cardboard basket in this photo. Sorry Rubi & Cam are excluded from this because they have prior knowledge of the baskets contents! LOL!

Hooked On {Clawfoot Tubs}

Happy Friday everyone! It's a brand new day and it's time for Hooked on Houses' Hooked on Friday's!! Normally, I'm not "hooked" on anything that relates to houses, but this week... this week it's the claw foot tub.

NOT the actual tub from my childhood!

When I was growing up we had a claw foot tub. I spent many, many days and nights lounging in that tub. In my opinion there is no other tub in the world that can compare. Not even those fancy shmancy whirlpool types.

Our current bath has ye olde school porcelain rectangle tub. It's uncomfortable. It makes your neck bend at awkward angles whilst trying to relax. Even those genius little pillows don't help much. The water never is hot enough or deep enough. I can remember sinking all the way down to my nose in the old claw foot we had. Ahh... I miss those days.

The bath tub spot in the bath now is absolutely perfect for a claw foot tub. I just need to convince my husband of that fact AND convince him to spend that ginormous amount of money on one too!

See what I mean?

So what are you Hooked On???

{Love Thursday}

This {Love Thursday} should be called {Link Love Thursday}!

This week I'm in love with where I come from. Kentucky!

Grazing horses
Rural Butler County, Kentucky
Copyright © 2006 Christine Bewley

Kentucky is mostly known for it's horses, Bluegrass music, and bourbon. Today I want to focus on my little corner of Kentucky. Here you can find caves, lakes and Corvettes.

Let's start with a little "agritourism". This is starting to become more and more popular around the country as we all try to find ways to stay closer to home and spend our money there as well.
Chaney's Dairy Barn is an excellent place to visit for premium, homemade ice cream. Fresh from the farm. Every Fall we like to take the kids to Jackson's Orchard to pick out pumpkins. You can get a little taste of Kentucky by visiting their website, too. Their Apple Cinnamon pancake mix is oh so yummy! While we are on the subject of yummy food, did you know that THE Duncan Hines is from Bowling Green? You can take a peek at all things Duncan at the Kentucky Museum on Western's campus. That's Western Kentucky University, Home of the Hilltoppers. If you ever do visit this campus, the sports teams moniker will be completely understood!

I'm sure you've all heard of a little car known as the Corvette, right? Well, they are made right here. We love the Corvette's so much, we made a museum. The National Corvette Museum is located right off Interstate 65 and you can't miss it. You can even visit the Assembly Plant for a guided tour. Visit their website for dress restrictions and scheduled plant shut-downs before planning your visit though. Since I'm on the subject of cars that go fast... If you plan to visit with the whole family, stopping by Beech Bend Amusement Park and Raceway would please everyone. Beech Bend has camping, swimming, drag races, and the best wooden rollercoaster, The Kentucky Rumbler. All day rides, water park admission, and mini-golf tickets are only $24 for those over 54". Free parking, free sunscreen... all day fun. If you don't plan on riding, gate admission is only $10! Visit the drag strip on a Sunday to see an NHRA race.

On to the caves! My personal favorite is Mammoth Cave National Park. You can hike, picnic, canoe the Green River, camp in the campground or go "back country" camping and sleep on the banks of the river, and of course visit the caves. **Did you know Mammoth Cave is the world's longest known cave. In fact it is so long that if the second and third longest caves in the world were joined together, Mammoth Cave would still be the planet's longest cave and have nearly 100 miles left over! There are 13 different tours ranging in price from $2.50 (for Seniors) to $48 for the "Wild Cave" tour and from just an hour to over 6 hours. In this general vicinity there is also Diamond Caverns, the American Cave Museum & Hidden River Cave, and visit here for a list of many others. Lost River Cave is right in the middle of Bowling Green. It's Kentucky's only underground cave with a boat tour. There you can enjoy hiking, a butterfly habitat, and a wild bird sanctuary right in town. If you are in the BG area and would like to visit make sure you call ahead to check water levels, if it's too high they don't do tours.

The best part, I think, of this area are the lakes! There is Barren River Lake, Nolin Lake, Rough River Dam, Lake Malone, and Dale Hollow Lake. We love to camp and boat at Barren River. If you've been reading my blog for a while you may remember our vacation there last year. I knew you guys wanted yet another link in what is turning out to be a "linkapaloosa"! Anyway... Lake Malone is small and quaint and brings back memories of being a teenager for me. Make sure to stop by Shady Cliff for a good, down home meal. They also off a "Dinner & Cruise" along the lake for those willing to dine while boating. Nolin Lake is adjacent to Mammoth Cave so it makes for a well rounded vacation of nature. I honestly can't say too much about Rough River or Dale Hollow because I haven't been to either. If you've been, please leave a comment and let us know how it is!!

I could go on and on about the historical places to visit, memorials, monuments, and even the NEW minor league baseball team!!!, but I've overloaded you all already with the plethora of links to keep you busy for at least a week!

I'd love to hear about your little corner of the world! Write a post about what to see and do near you and then leave a link in the comments section. You never know, we may bump into each other one day while exploring all the great things our states have to offer!

Have a happy {Love Thursday}!!

For more information about all things Kentucky visit:
Kentucky Tourism

**Information from the NPS website.


I laughed so hard that I cried when I saw the shorter version of this video in commercial form... I thought I would share this little nugget of Burger King goodness.

Happy Wednesday!

And here is the actual commercial...

I should have made this a "Wordless Wednesday" post since I don't think it really required any words at all...

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Stop Drop & Roll

Yesterday afternoon we took the girls (from our Girl Scout troop) to visit the local fire department. I have no idea if they actually learned anything or not, but we all got to see lots of cool little fire gadgets. I was disappointed that there was no fire dog and no fireman's pole. Contrary to popular belief, I do not pole dance, but... I would love to have taken photos of the kids sliding down an honest to goodness fireman's pole and possibly slid down it myself.

The fireman asked the girls questions about what to do if they or someone close to them was on fire and what to do if their homes caught on fire. My personal highlight of the trip was when my daughter said that her parents sleep in the basement and then asked if the house catches on fire should she just leave them. Well, gee... thanks Kaia. I'm putting up extra smoke detectors this weekend.

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Did I Go Back in Time?

Happy Monday and second week of April to everyone!

Trust me when I tell you that this weekend was b-e-a-utiful! I have the rocking sunburn to prove it, too. It was in the high 60's and slightly breezy and the perfect day for yard work. I love to mow the yard. I know it's a weird thing to like to mow your yard, but I just love it. Yes, I'm strange. Anywho... I hopped on the in-laws riding mower ('cause I ain't push mowing THIS yard & we don't yet have a riding mower of our own... yeah, we're cool like that) and took off mowing the yard.

The smell of fresh cut grass. The sun shone. The breeze was... well, breezy. Before I knew it, I was done. I still had time to play with the kids and enjoy the afternoon. It was so nice we even grilled some pork chops. However, as the day turned to night... I discovered that in my haste to mow some yard I had forgotten to baste myself in sunscreen.

Humor me here... put both of your arms up, place your hands at 10AM and 2PM as if you were driving, and look down at your arms. Do you see how the inside of your arm where your elbow bends is completely and utterly exposed to the wondrous sunlight? Now imagine that tender spot as red as a beet 'cause that's what mine looked like by Saturday night. Every time I would bend my arms, they would "stick" together and pulling them apart was torture! Torture I tell you! But still, on Sunday, because it was equally as b-e-a-utiful as Saturday and warmer with a high of 74 degrees ... I was sitting back outside with my glass of sweet tea, soaking up the sun.

Fast forward to this morning. It's Monday and that alone is bad enough. Friday I was begging for Monday to get here. Now that Monday is here... I want Friday back! Not only did I have to get up at 5:45AM, I woke up to a temperature of 38 degrees. I swear it. This is the high today. In fact tonight... they are saying there is a chance of SNOW!! I think I must have fallen asleep last night and traveled back in time to Winter!

I call for a boycott on this cold weather business! At least until it's actually supposed to be this cold!

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"Hooked On" Fridays

It's Friday so that means it's time for the Hooked on Houses "Hooked on Friday's" blog par-tay! Head over there and check out all the interesting things we are all hooked on!

Today I'm hooked on ...

Spring Break!

Actually it's been the entire week that I've been hooked on it! The kids have been home and I've been able to sleep in. Every single day. It's been great except for the little mishap at the beginning of the week.

Spring Break is like the official signal that Spring is finally upon us. The air seems to smell sweeter, the wind seems to blow warmer. However...

I am so ready for them to go back to school!! I guess I'm just not as creative and exciting as those teachers are because I have a hard time keeping them entertained. I tried to avoid letting them veg out in front of the TV for the whole week, but when push came to shove (and it was soggy and rainy 3 out of 5 days) , I gave in.

The sounds of SpongeBob still ringing in my ears... I utter the words I never thought I'd hear myself say...

Is it Monday yet?????

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{Love Thursday}

Today is supposed to be my first {Love Thursday}. However, it's now past noon and I haven't even begun to write out a post for today. I still might make this my first. I think it will just depend on how it all flows. Cam has been telling me for a while now that I should participate, but I've been putting it off.

I thought about this post last night as I was snuggling up to my hubby, watching "Dog the Bounty Hunter", and waiting for his inevitable snoring to begin. Millions of thoughts were running through my head. I get angry at myself when something tragic or unnecessary happens and I realize I wasn't taking full advantage of him.

On Monday evening I got a call from Rubi. She wanted to see if I'd heard about the accident. Any time you answer your phone and the person on the other end says, "Have you heard the news?" It's either going to be really good or really bad. I could tell by her tone that it was really bad. An old high school friend had been killed in a car accident early Monday morning. He was only 29. The back story to this is that we hadn't spoken in more than 5 years. Sometimes things happen that you have no control over and no matter how hard to try to help, sometimes the help isn't wanted... so our friendship had ended badly.

I guess as people in general we tend to think we have forever. We think that we'll have time. The reality is that we have no idea how long or short our time really is.

So this leads me back to the point... {Love Thursday}.

As I was laying there soaking up all I could of my husband (who was by now sawing logs)... I remembered that in our recent move I had discovered a treasure. An expandable folder of letters. Love letters, if you will. From high school. I can't believe I've keep these things, but I'm so glad that I did. The very first letter is so corny! It's the, "Hey, saw you on the bus. Thought you'd like to go out sometime." kind of letter. I rolled my eyes, but then remembered that that letter was all it took. I dumped the guy I'd been "dating" and called him the next day. That was in 1994. We've had our up's and down's, but he's my soul mate. Yea, he snores. His foot stench is atrocious. He gets on my very last nerve most of the time.

Those are all the things I would miss the most. Those are the things, I came to realize this week, that I love. I watch the clock on weekdays. I wait until it's time for him to be home and then I go wait outside. As soon as I see the car, I smile. My love is finally home.

I appreciate him more this week. I've made a pact with myself to continue to appreciate... the snoring... the stinky feet.... the annoying way he does things.... just appreciate him.

November 1996

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Sprung Spring

On Monday, I came up with the bright (and cheap) idea of taking the kids hiking since this week is their Spring Break. I didn't want them just sitting around the house for the whole week. Since Monday's forecast was the best of the week, I decided we'd go that day. I looked around various websites to find the location closest to where we live. It was a toss up between Lake Malone State Park or Mammoth Cave. I chose Lake Malone because we've not gone on those trails before. If you go to their website you will see there is no notice of closure whatsoever. I even called ahead to make sure. I got the answering machine so I left a message. I waited what I thought was a reasonable amount of time... about an hour. If we waited any longer, we'd have run out of time. Now it is about 34 miles from my house to the state park. The kids were excited to be getting out of the house and to be honest so was I. I even packed up a lunch so after our hike we could picnic.

We had no such luck. Upon arrival, the gates were not only closed, but padlocked with a chain. All the signs were covered with black plastic except for the huge stop sign on the gate. I was less than thrilled. I had seen a car parked at the Park Office so I stopped by there on our way out. Not only was the car parked there false advertising... there was a Post-It note saying, and I quote, "out sick". That was it. Nothing that stated for further assistance phone...such and such... NOTHING. Most people know that I have absolutely no patience what-so-ever. After driving all that way, I couldn't even complain properly. No wonder no one had called me back... they were "out sick".

I stopped by the spillway instead. There were a couple of guys fishing, but it was peaceful all the same. The spillway was opened pretty far so there was a nice rush of water coming through. We sat down and ate our gummies, watched the guys fish, and then tried to skip rocks. I apologized to the kids on our way home for not being able to go hiking and they both said...

"It's ok, Mom. We had fun just spending time with you." Ahh... I love those guys.

After being consulted by the awe inspiring Cam over at Journey Wildly, I discovered that many of you fine folks are connecting using the semi-new Google Friend Connect. I would like to take this opportunity to shamelessly plug myself. I have a mere 6 followers! Oh... the horror! Won't you be my friend? Please, pretty please... with sugar on top?! I have found from visiting other blogs that it's a great way to view fellow bloggers and find new and interesting blogs. I have moved the widget/wadget/gidget/gadget to my side bar for maximum exposure.

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