The March of 2009 Better Homes & Gardens Whoops

As you may recall, I mentioned that Cam had sent me a Better Homes & Gardens magazine. I heart magazines! Especially ones that show me what I can do with my yard and home if I get up off my lazy behind and do something productive... unlike what I am doing now...

Anyway... I was browsing through the pages of home crafty-ness when I happened upon page 20. This is the March 2009 edition, by the way. It's a little page about how to get some Spring going on. The main section of the page is "Fun with Food". As I read it, I began to look like this...

They reference some Girl Scout Cookies. Problem is.... never heard of these cookies. Trust me when I tell you that I've been around a gazillion boxes of GS cookies in the last two months and these cookies do not exist. Am I missing something here? Do they in fact exist somewhere else? There are some lemon cookies (Lemon Chalet Cremes, a lemon sandwich cookie), but they look NOTHING like the ones referenced in this article. See for yourself.

"The springtime ritual of enjoying Girl Scout cookies is even sweeter when you dress them up with colorful icing. (Look for ready-made icing in tubes in the grocery store's cake decorating aisle.) Lemonades, $3.50 per box; visit to find a troop near you."

This is almost like Martha Stewart making a mistake. However, they did get the price correct.

Anyone out there in Bloggerland hear of "Lemonades"???



    I've never seen these either!!

  2. After visiting that link, I see there are more than one I've never heard of!

    "Daisy Go Rounds", "Thanks-A-Lot",
    and the "Lemonades"...

    I also noticed that there are two different cookie makers.

  3. They USED to sell THOSE cookies around here like 5 years ago... I think they switch up what they sell in different areas... They are alot cuter than OUR Lemon cookies... Maybe if we sold those- we wouldn't be stuck with those stinkin Lemon Ba*tards.