Practical Magic

Yes, you already know this post is about you Cam.

You've all heard me talk about my friend, but I don't think I've clearly defined our friendship. We are:

Peas & Carrots

Peanut butter & Jelly

Bert & Ernie

Ok, so maybe not THAT far!!! But I love her as if she were my very own honest to goodness sister. Of which, I have none, nada, zip, zero, zilch... The "practical magic" comes in when I grab the phone before it rings because I know she's going to call (she does this too) or when she says the exact thing I was thinking, or we do things or eat things on the same day not knowing that the other one is doing that too.

She said something yesterday that I thought was so true and I felt the same way. She had been talking to a neighbor/friend about how hard it is to be away from your best friend. True story.

We were together as kids. We were together as teenagers. We were together through marriage. We were together through kids. We've been together for the highs. Always for the lows. (Except that time when I thought she needed "time", but really she just needed me to come and kick her off the couch... Still more sorry about that than you realize...) And now... we. are. not. together....
She moved 587 miles away from me... (see below)

We both had a moment of clarity before they left and thought what a great idea it would be to write in a journal and send that journal to each other once a month. It's like Christmas morning when THE journal arrives. Yesterday was my Christmas in March.

I snatched the box from the "Mail Lady"'s hand said a brief thanks and ran back into the house. I could smell the Georgia smells before I even ripped the box open.

I found the all important journal, a too die for swirly sucker (which immediately came to the attention of the children as soon as they got home from school....), the best smelling incense I think I have ever smelled (from "the island"), seashells from the Georgia shore, REAL GEORGIA COTTON!!!, pictures of her pickin' that cotton, and a Better Homes & Gardens magazine. I would have had a bunch of question marks above my head if she hadn't told me she was sending me some magazines.

I feel like she's outdone me. All I sent her was a stinkin' journal. I have to try harder. I can not let a 20-something (for 9 more months) beat me in the "awesome journal and whatever you can find to stick in the box with it" challenge.

So it's on... like Donkey Kong!

This reminds me of us.

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