I'm here! Yay! I am surrounded by boxes and things and more boxes, but I'm here! I had to go for TWO WHOLE DAYS without access to the internet. I almost had to be admitted to a rehab for the withdrawals I was experiencing.

We rented ourselves a 24' Budget truck.


We packed in 2 couches, a love seat, 2 recliners, 3 sets of full size mattresses and box springs, an entertainment center, a curio cabinet, the washer, the dryer, and many, many other boxes and odds and ends....


...and still we weren't able to pack it all. We've made 3 trips with a full size crew cab pick-up truck and still... we need at least 2 more trips. I had no idea we had so much stuff. And the sad part is most of it is just that... stuff.

This has been the most stressful move ever! Things have been going wrong left and right. First, we discovered that at some point the front door had been kicked in because the frame was broken and the door barely latched. I went to wash my hands and had no hot water. Upon further inspection, the water heater had been turned off so when we turned it on and it filled up, the pressure release valve started squirting water everywhere. Now the hot water heater is located under the stairs to our basement...right next to the breaker box! We got that fixed pronto because 1) we didn't want to electrocute ourselves and 2) we were all in desperate need of a hot shower. There are also 2 spigots that are leaking that we have to fix. There is a natural gas heater in the basement whose pilot light refused to be lit for about 4 days. The gas had not been turned on since April of '99 so we knew there would be some air in the lines, but good grief. We both got so tired of holding down the knob that we put a half full paint can on top of it. This heater didn't come with a handy ignite button. It's the old school kind of gas heater where you have to take your life in your own hands and light a match. When I was a kid, the gas company would come in and light your pilot lights for you, but apparently times have changed because the man wouldn't even step foot in our house. ...Let's see... oh, and the sprayer on the sink got stuck in the on position so for 2 days. We had to try to remember to not turn on the water without picking up the spray nozzle first.

Isn't moving fun?!?!

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