Gloom & Doom

I was feeling kind of Spring-y today. I decided to put a little color to the blog. It's cloudy, soggy, and rainy today and I don't know about you guys, but days like today just make me feel "blah". I'm trying to help myself out by making the blog look more "awake". Oh who am I kidding? You all know that I can't help myself when it comes to different layouts for the blog! After a couple of weeks, I get bored. I go searching. I usually end up at The Cutest Blog on the Block every time. I have to admit their name really says it all. They do have the cutest blog layouts that I've found anywhere.

And speaking of gloomy days... my son is having a really rough time this year in school. He's always been an A and B student. Usually mostly A's, but this year is completely different. I don't want to blame the teacher, but her way of teaching isn't conducive to his way of learning. He's been struggling all year. From the very first few weeks of school, he was begging me to have him moved to another classroom. I thought it was just because he wanted to be with his friends in a different class. At first. He's always enjoyed school. As much as a kid can like school anyway, but as the year has progressed... he actually hates school. It's gotten to the point where he begs to stay home on most days and doesn't even want to go on school trips anymore. Recently I received an email from his teacher telling me that she was "concerned with Neil's behavior". That he has been "disrespectful to students, other teachers, and me". She said that he "talks whenever he wants to" and "ignores me when correcting him". Then she goes on to say that it is "a state requirement that all students pass their multiplication facts in third grade before they can be promoted to the fourth grade". She says that they have been working on the multiplication since October and soon they will have to be reviewing for the CATS testing so they won't be studying the multiplication anymore. I received this email just a couple of weeks ago. I couldn't help but wonder to myself if they have been working on this since October, why is she just now letting me know that he had fallen so far behind that he is in jeopardy of failing? I kind of felt a little threatened.

Now I want you all to know that in no way, shape, or form is my kid perfect. In fact, he is far from it, but his behavior has progressively become worse since starting this school year. Now it is spilling over at home as well. He has started to lie about getting his homework done. Throwing fits like a 2 year old would when asked to simply take the dog outside and put him on his chain, pick up his dirty clothes, or straighten up his room. Asking him to feed or water the animals is like trying to make the sky green. It's just not possible most of the time.

I just don't know what to do with him anymore. We've taken away all the video games (Playstation 2, Game Cube, Wii, GameBoy, and his DS), taken away the TV watching. What is left for me to take away? Dinner? I tell him that I know he can do better. That I've seen him do better. That he isn't trying his best.

I should have listened to him at the beginning of the school year when he told me he was so unhappy. I was so worried I would look like "that parent" who requests special privilege for their child that I didn't stop and realize that it wasn't about me. Now I feel like I've let it go so far that he won't be able to come back from it.

P.S. Just so you know... I'd never take away my son's dinner. I just wanted to clarify on that one.

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  1. You know my thoughts on this one.

    It's not easy, I know that. I'm here for you...

  2. PS...I frekin' love the new layout.

  3. I know exactly what you are going through with your son. My son had a hard time in second grade. His teacher was a couple years from retiring and basically didn't want to put forth any effort for him. Only a week into class at the beginning of the year, she had the nerve to call me up and request that we send him back to 1st grade. The problem with that was he was an A student in 1st grade. Why in world would he need to go back? I ended up threatening to pull him out of school altogether. I was serious as a heartbeat though. As you can tell I am still fired up about it 3 years later. Hang in there, next year will hopefully be better.