Do You Have One Hour?

I was talking to Cam on Tuesday morning and she asked me if I was going to participate in Earth Hour on Saturday night. I had no idea what she was talking about. It sounded somewhat familiar to me, but I still couldn't place it really. She told me how it was about turning off electricity for just one hour. I was like sure we can do that! She said she was going to write a post about it so I said you know what, I will too.

The whole global warming/global climate change thing is highly debated by people everywhere, but I say what could it hurt to just go for one hour without using most electronic stuff in your home. I will just go ahead and venture a guess that things like the refrigerator need to stay running, but we can go without internet or computers, the TV, the lights, the phones. It's just for an hour. 8:30PM in your timezone on Saturday night.

I've already decided we'd do a Scrabble family tournament by candlelight. Maybe we'll do it every week.

Visit this site for more information.

Now that you've got plans for Saturday night, visit the Hooked on Houses blog party today to see what everyone is hooked on this week!

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  1. Thanks for spreading the word!! I've posted about Earth Hour on our blog too. I hope lots of people participate!!

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  2. What a neat idea. I'm like you about the whole global warming thing. In the end it doesn't hurt to voluntarily conserve. And what a great idea to have a scrabble game by candlelight! Oh and thanks for stopping by my place!

  3. WooHoo...

    Scrabble in the dark!

    I would get all excited and be like, "HA! I got

    And, you would be all, "Cam, that's not a 'b', that's a 'p'.

    And I would start to cry.

    (I googled the longest words in the Oxford dictionary, how nutty am I?)

  4. Hey, thanks for spreading the word...and Cam - you are funny! :)

  5. Hi Shiny Lady! Loving your blog.

    I've linked to your post about Earth Hour today. Thanks for spreading the word.

    You're welcome to come by and see what I wrote, at


  6. I didn't realize it was tonight--I think it's a great idea. Like you said, what can it hurt to go without electricity for an hour?

  7. I guess I kind of participated, because we were driving home from a party during most of that hour! LOL!

  8. For the 2nd year in a row we turned off our lights/tv,etc. and went for a walk in our neighborhood. It was peaceful and lovely.