There goes the neighborhood...

There goes the neighborhood... along with all the loose limbs or half broken branches in the trees that managed to survive the great Ice Storm of '09. It's a bit breezy here today. Winds right now are around 25 MPH with gust higher than that. I am almost positive that more than half of the roof shingles will end up in the neighbors yard.

I've managed to pack 4 whole boxes! Are you guys proud of me? I'm not proud of me, but if you guys are proud of me that will make me feel better... uh... maybe not, but eventually I will get this whole house packed neatly away in small (and medium) sized boxes labeled affectionately with their respective homes. And the big ol' Home Depot logo... The husband fell just short of telling me to get up off my lazy bum last night and start packing... He resorted to just telling me to turn off the computer. Most of you are like me though and the thought of actually turning this baby off was HORRIFYING!!! I'm a much better un-packer than a packer. I was just thinking yesterday how I could really use Cam's OCD when it comes to clutter and moving. She could have this entire place packed up and ready to go in one day, I swear. I, on the other hand, will still be packing the day we rent the truck.

Now normally I would continue on with the great ponderings of my mind, but, as I've just realized, there is a line of thunderstorms upon me as we speak and I'm gonna go cower in a corner with my head between my knees until it's over.


  1. driving to get Wrangler from school should be a treat today- I've been driving around tree limbs for two weeks now because they still haven't cleaned this road off completely-

  2. Well, hunker down Bebe...

    Yes, my OCDs come in handy from time to time. 'Specially at moving time.

    Think Monica on the show Friends...