Slow Moving Vehicle

I need one of those placards that you see on the backs of tractors that symbolize that it's a slow moving vehicle.

It's raining today and that's a bummer. The last couple of days have been so very, very nice around here. Two weeks ago we were without electricity and iced in. In fact, some people still do not have power. But the past couple of days... 70's. That's right, seventy degrees. I swear that Kentucky is in some kind of weather vortex. Maybe we are the Bermuda Triangle of the contiguous United States. Snow today, shorts weather tomorrow. In fact, I have seen people wearing shorts. I wasn't brave enough to go that far, but I did wear my flip flops around the house.

I need one of those placards that you see on the backs of tractors that symbolize that it's a slow moving vehicle. I managed to get a whole TWO boxes packed up yesterday. They consisted of books from my bookshelf. The first box ended up too heavy for me to move... My problem was that I got distracted. Distracted by redoing my layout for the millionth time. I like it though so take that boxes and packing tape. Take that. I know what will end up happening. I end up waiting until the very last day to scramble everything into boxes. As soon as my husband packs up the computer... I'm a goner. I'll be in a hurry then as I'll be going through immediate withdrawal symptoms. I was semi-productive this morning as I called around to get deposit amounts for the various utilities. $75 for the water wasn't too bad. The phone and electric bills will transfer for a grand total of $53. Those will just be added to the next bill. What worried me was the natural gas lady when she said, "You have to come fill out an application. Generally, it's a $150 deposit." The whole "application" and "generally" kind of freaked me out a little. I don't want to end up having to pay $300 to have the gas turned on. I think I'll move on the bathrooms today. Pack up the things we don't use on a daily basis. I have realized just how much of a pack rat I am though. Why do I need to keep a bottle of shampoo that has less than a quarter of the bottle left? I do not know, but I kept it. I'll be tossing that away as opposed to moving it. The less we have to move the better.

Off I go now into moving wonderland... if you don't hear from me, check the boxes.

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