School, Phones, and Nonsense

So now that you are all caught up with what an exciting experience living without electricity is... it's back to the mindless chatter that we have all grown to love!

My kids are still out of school. Out until next Wednesday as a matter of fact. I am trying to hold it all together here... with duct tape and coffee. Not necessarily in that order either. The weather should be nice this weekend (Highs in the mid-fifties) so I'm sending them OUT. Out, be gone with you. Don't play in traffic but please don't come back in this house for at least an hour. Homeschooling mothers... I do not envy you. It may be my kids lack of discipline, or mine, but they just seem to be bouncing off of every wall or surface in the house. Once school does start back though, I'll be lost. It will be too quiet and there won't be enough to do.

Except that, "the guy" is supposed to be moved out by this weekend. Yay!!! Now I have to find some boxes... anybody have any boxes? Anyone know where to get empty boxes? I'm not looking forward to the actual physical moving part, but I'll be glad when it's all over and we are there. Six miles from town instead of 20. The kids will be able to get off and on the bus at the house instead of me having to drive 2.5 miles to put them on the bus. The only thing bothering me is that I'll have to move a distance from my mom and my friend, Jeep Chick. I'm plan on keeping my daughter in the same Girl Scout troop with her daughter though and at least we'll get to spend a little time together each week.

I bought a new cell phone yesterday. Then immediately regretted doing it. My mom and step-dad were paying for our phone too and with the economy the was it is that was one bill that wasn't necessary. Now I seem to find a gazillion reasons why I need to call someone or why I need to call my husband when he or I am out. So I'd been looking at them for a little while... We decided to go with the AT&T Go phones instead of with a contract plan because, well basically, I don't want to have to sign a contract for two years. Plus I like the idea of paying for only what I am using. Plus... we gots not so peachy credit. I had a phone picked out. I really, really liked this phone. Matter of fact, it was just like Jeep Chick's except that the one I wanted was black.
Here's a picture...

So I had this all picked out... I finally decide to bite the bullet and buy it. Guess what? They didn't have it anymore!!! Why oh why does this always happen to me? I ended up with this one instead...

I'm not really happy about it either, but maybe it will grow on me. For $119 I'd say it's already growing roots. I do like the blueness of it.

Hopefully, next week I'll get back into the swing of things and get back to posting recipes and the regular nonsense stuff I dribble about daily.

Sidenote: I hope that the Grave Keep and Mistress Lisa's move went well and uneventful! I've been missing y'all's posts! Come back to bloggerland soon!


  1. dang... I wish I had known you were thinking about buying a phone... I had one you could use without having to shell out the $119... but it was pink and I know you aren't fond of pink... and I'm sure Chris wouldn't be all that crazy about packing around a pink phone... on second thought maybe it wasn't that good of an idea.... but if you decide you need a second one... let me know... LOL

  2. OMG... that medication they have me on makes me type (and think) like a chipmunk on acid.....

  3. Really!! I need to clean my house so can I have some? LOL!

    I wished I'd known, I'd have used it. Pink or no pink, it's better than paying out the wazoo for one. They already gave me a number too. And I have no idea if it is long distance or not. They are supposed to be here tomorrow.

  4. I likey your new phone...

    Sorry about all that ice, y'all!! makes me feel bad about all this sunshine ;)

  5. I remember when phones were just phones and didn't cost very much at all.