Pioneer Living - The Finale


I’d had it with cold cereal and Pop Tarts for breakfast. I wanted fooood. Real food. We headed to B.G. for Ryan’s breakfast buffet. They were busy, but not excessively so. We went to Camping World, Gander Mtn.(FYI: I love that store!) and everywhere, but no one had propane fuel for our grill. We had to buy a new one that uses a different kind of propane fuel. We’ll use it this summer though so it didn’t hurt too bad to have to pay that much for it.

After we returned home, unloaded all our loot, I returned to roosting in the chair. It has a good vantage point because I saw the electric company truck drive by. The big truck with the bucket and a trailer full of telephone poles. Well, I guess in this case they are electric poles. But they were heading in the wrong direction! The down lines were north, not south. I was still excited to see them though because that’s the first electric company personnel that I’ve seen. We both decided that we didn't really want to mooch off of friends or family, but we were NOT going to miss the Super Bowl on Sunday. I started looking up phone numbers for hotels/motels in our area. I wrote all the numbers down for the ones I approved of and handed them over to the hubby. Burning that kerosene heater was giving me a crazy bad headache that WOULD NOT go away so I made the executive decision to start a fire instead of firing up the ol’ DynaGlo. Just as I was leaning down to pick up a few smaller pieces of wood, just as Chris was sitting down to start phoning hotels... we heard it.


Gasp! Was that? Is that? OMG, the electricity is on!!!!!! I won't lie. I danced a jig. I nearly pee'd myself. I immediately starting thinking of how long it would take the water heater to heat up enough water for me to take a 3 hour long shower. Ok, so I didn't really take a 3 hour shower, but it was a good 30 minute one.

So far so good for us. No more outages so far. But upon getting electricity back I turned on the local news. Some counties schools are out "until further notice". There are shelters set up everywhere. There are even roads closed due to flooding, which was something I hadn't even thought about. The governor had declared Kentucky in a state of emergency while we were living in our little pioneer land, but I had no way of knowing just how bad it had really been.

In total our power was out for right about 110 hours from Tuesday morning about 3:30AM until about 4PM on Saturday. We were and are very lucky. We were able to find a heat source. We didn't need medical attention. We didn't have alot of trees down on or around our house.

So concludes the adventures of living without electricity. I suddenly have a whole new perspective on how the other half lived all those years ago.

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