{Goal #1: Check}

Today I set a goal for myself because if I didn't I'd never get any of this done...

The goal was to get all of the things in the office nicely packed away in neat little boxes. Everything except for my mom's laptop (thanks again, Mom, for allowing me to mooch the computer), the telephone, and of course furniture and plants.

Staring down a room full of stuff with an arm full of empty boxes was absolutely nerve racking. I'm sure you will all be tired of hearing me jabber on about moving this and moving that and moving, moving, moving...but that's where I'm at right now and there isn't too much else going on.

I had packed up one box of books and was still working on the second when I discovered that the cat wanted to make sure that I didn't forget her.

Hey! Don't forget me!

She lightened up the mood I was in and made the rest of the packing go a little smoother. Although it was a struggle, I avoided getting on the computer before I even got started. I turned on some tunes, got a cup of coffee, and off I went. The next thing I knew it was 10:30AM and I was pretty much done. There are still a few straggling things in the closet, but for the most part... done.

Goal #1 = Done!!!!

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