{Eeee.....awwww} Think of Donkeys

My husband's Valentine's Day gift to me made me look like an arse. Although, my husband didn't realize it.

I had mentioned about a week before that I would like to have a new necklace. I was conversing with the kids about what they were going to get me for the big day and they said they didn't know, what would I like to have. First let me explain that I've been hinting that I'd like a necklace for every major holiday that requires gift giving for about two years now. I have yet to receive that necklace. So this time around I just came right out and said, "I'd like to have a new necklace." The kids are on board too... then Chris says... "Well, I was thinking about maybe getting you some bling-y earrings." I said, "Well, that'd be nice too." Within minutes I had forgotten we even had this conversation because that's just how my mind functions.

Friday night I gave everyone their gifts. I just couldn't wait. Plus, he had to work and I wanted him to be there when I gave the kids their candy. I bought him some pajamas. We call them Hugh Hefner pajamas. Of course, without the smoking jacket. I waited.... waited..... thinking that I may also get my gift. Nothing.

All day Saturday, I'm stewing. I'm thinking his dumb butt has waited until today, the day of the holiday, to buy anything. I gripe, I groan. Cam is doing the best she can to console me with comments such as, "Well, he's a guy, what do you expect?" and "Hope you don't get one of them velvety cards!" She's such a peach! *wink* After he gets home from work, I try to pretend that I don't realize he's not given me a gift or a card or anything yet. Ask how his day was. Ask if we can go out to eat because I'd really like to have some Chinese food. He hands me a card. Except the card is lumpy. I am suspicious that it's yet another ring. I only have 10 fingers, but every year I seem to get a ring. (Complete ignoring of the million or so necklace hints....) Anyway, I opened up the card. It's a tad bit velvety. Uh oh is running through my head. Then I opened it and there were the prettiest earrings. Right after I thanked him for the prettiest earrings... I remembered last weeks' conversation.

Then realized I'd been dogging him all day for waiting until the last minute.

THEN I realized.... he probably hadn't waited.

Now, I see that he's just better at keeping gifts a secret than I am.


  1. I think they do that on purpose, just so we'll feel bad when they do come through.

  2. lol... and I just remembered that I never gave the girls their gifts....lol Shit.

  3. Awww... good ole' Topher!

    He did good this year! I am more jealous of the decent Chinese food than I am of the earrings. *sigh* I miss the chinese buffet...

    I am a peach. A Georgia Peach. And, you are a Kentucky BlueAss...

    Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha