I know... I've done it again, but as the title implies, I get distracted by shiny things. I don't know why I can't just find a layout and stick with it. There are so many that I find that I like that it makes it so hard for me to pick just one and keep it. Call it my Blogger A.D.D. This layout may be here tomorrow... or it may not. Since I have my own domain name now I'd like to have a layout that looks a little more... professionally done. Even though I'm no professional what so ever. So stay tuned as I'm sure it will change once again!


Today marks Day #1 of the whole moving process. We drove up to the new place yesterday and it was in pretty good condition. I won't have to go in and scrub anything. Just some general cleaning is required and that's a good thing. We have decided to hold off on painting or redoing the kitchen until we can get new counter tops. Which we priced at Home Depot yesterday. While there we also picked up 30 boxes. I know... we shouldn't have paid for them, but I was really at a loss as to where to find some. Plus they were on sale so...

Some time today I've got to get up off my butt and start packing stuff. The goal is to move next week. I'm going to do as much packing and boxing up as I can this week since the kids are still out of school. Tomorrow is some special election so they are out then and they will finally go back on Wednesday. Chris is going to try to take some vacation time so we can then move next week while the kids have a full week of school and will be out of our hair.

This is what I expect the next couple of weeks to look like...

Wish us luck!

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  1. this picture makes me want to throw up.

    Ahhh...let me off!!!!

    Good luck moving home!!!