I'll Be Back

I'm right in the middle of moving so I haven't had time to berate the Academy for actually awarding Ms. Cruz an Oscar (remember the previous post), but I will return soon! I promise! The internets will be down at the current location starting tomorrow and will be on at the new house sometime tomorrow, but I won't quite be all moved in and ready to start in on my blog bliss.

So see you all soon and wish my lazy behind luck!!!

Layouts & Testing

It has come to my attention that the current layout I am using (Color Paper) may not show up correctly on certain computers that use Internet Explorer. I know I haven't had this layout for long, but already I'm itching to change it again. I swear I don't do this on purpose, but as the title suggests I do get distracted fairly easily. With all these shiny layouts floating around how can a girl be pinned down by just one??

I'd also like to apologize to anyone who may be reading my posts in a reader of some type. Earlier I was testing out TypePad Connect and posted multiple "TEST" posts. I deleted them, but I'm sure they are showing up in your readers. So.... I apologize for all those "TESTS".

Rebecca Hall

This woman is a great actress.

I find it infinitely unfair that she seems to be completely overlooked by "media" for her role in "Vicky Christina Barcelona". All you ever hear (or heard) was Scarlett and Penelope... I was left with the impression that they were Vicky and Christina.

SPOILER ALERT: They aren't. Well, one of them is. Even on the movie poster....

No Rebecca Hall. Her name is down there at the bottom. For goodness sake, she plays VICKY!!!! Couldn't you have at least put her name at the top? I mean no offense to Penelope Cruz, but she's barely in the movie. Her character is important to the story line, but really doesn't come in until close to the end of the movie. And she got nominated for an Academy Award???? I just can't help but want to stand up for Rebecca Hall and say, "HEY! She played a part in this movie too!"

You may remember her best for her role as Alfred's wife, Sarah Borden, in "The Prestige".

Which, coincidentally, co-stars Scarlett Johansson. I love that movie (The Prestige) and I was pleasantly surprised to find her in "Vicky Christina Barcelona".

If you've seen the film (VCB), leave your feedback on whether you think she was "jipped" like I do or not. If you haven't seen it, do. It's a pretty good movie.

Hooked On Fridays or Friday Fodder

When I was a kid Sesame Street was cool. I still think that old Sesame Street is classic. Therefore, while wandering the many videos that are YouTube trying to forget the great cookie folly of '09 I discovered the best characters in all of Sesame Street (except for Grover). I had no idea they had a "real" name.

Without further ado....

The Yip Yip's

Upon more research... I found my favorite Grover clip!

P.S. I found Ernie and his Rubber Ducky, but the embedding was disabled. However, if you click here you can view it.

This is what I'm hooked on this Friday! What are you hooked on? Head over to Hooked on Houses to see what others are hooked on and tell us what you are hooked on too!

{Who? What? Huh?}

I packed 6 boxes today. This is a feat. I am ever the lazy person and packing is work. Boxes, tape, Sharpies, boxes.... I didn't exactly just get right to work and get all those boxes packed. I've been sporadic at best with the packing today. I packed a box. I internetted for two hours. I fixed a cup of coffee. I half packed a box. I internetted for an hour. See the pattern here. I did pack two whole boxes while fixing myself some lunch though so that's good right?

I should be in more of a hurry with all the packing because tomorrow we pick up the Girl Scout cookies. Ahhhhh! Yes, to all those people who just keep on asking.... you will get them soon. I'm half expecting to have an armed robber waiting at my door. I'm figuring that Thursday will be sort the cookie day because Friday is hand out cases of cookies to the girls day. The rest of this week is going to be busy, busy and I don't know if I'll have much time to get moving stuff done.

My mind is everywhere and I hope I don't screw up counting out someones order. I'm thinking about getting utilities turned on, painting, getting a moving truck, packing, counting cookies, handing out the cookies, getting paid for those cookies, letting the school know where to drop off the kids on certain days, finding out which bus they will need to ride, packing, cookies, moving, cookies.... Jeez it's non-stop in there. And....and I have to get the kids Little League forms filled out and turned in so I can find out when the try-outs are and hope that I get the forms turned in on time and that we will have the time to take them to the try-outs. I am in full throttle overload right now.

Calgon.... take me away!!!

{Eeee.....awwww} Think of Donkeys

My husband's Valentine's Day gift to me made me look like an arse. Although, my husband didn't realize it.

I had mentioned about a week before that I would like to have a new necklace. I was conversing with the kids about what they were going to get me for the big day and they said they didn't know, what would I like to have. First let me explain that I've been hinting that I'd like a necklace for every major holiday that requires gift giving for about two years now. I have yet to receive that necklace. So this time around I just came right out and said, "I'd like to have a new necklace." The kids are on board too... then Chris says... "Well, I was thinking about maybe getting you some bling-y earrings." I said, "Well, that'd be nice too." Within minutes I had forgotten we even had this conversation because that's just how my mind functions.

Friday night I gave everyone their gifts. I just couldn't wait. Plus, he had to work and I wanted him to be there when I gave the kids their candy. I bought him some pajamas. We call them Hugh Hefner pajamas. Of course, without the smoking jacket. I waited.... waited..... thinking that I may also get my gift. Nothing.

All day Saturday, I'm stewing. I'm thinking his dumb butt has waited until today, the day of the holiday, to buy anything. I gripe, I groan. Cam is doing the best she can to console me with comments such as, "Well, he's a guy, what do you expect?" and "Hope you don't get one of them velvety cards!" She's such a peach! *wink* After he gets home from work, I try to pretend that I don't realize he's not given me a gift or a card or anything yet. Ask how his day was. Ask if we can go out to eat because I'd really like to have some Chinese food. He hands me a card. Except the card is lumpy. I am suspicious that it's yet another ring. I only have 10 fingers, but every year I seem to get a ring. (Complete ignoring of the million or so necklace hints....) Anyway, I opened up the card. It's a tad bit velvety. Uh oh is running through my head. Then I opened it and there were the prettiest earrings. Right after I thanked him for the prettiest earrings... I remembered last weeks' conversation.

Then realized I'd been dogging him all day for waiting until the last minute.

THEN I realized.... he probably hadn't waited.

Now, I see that he's just better at keeping gifts a secret than I am.

{Forlorn, Forsaken, Friendless Friday}

abandoned, batching it, by itself/oneself, companion-less, deserted, desolate, detached, forlorn, forsaken, friendless, hermit, individual, in solitary, isolated, lone, lonely, lonesome, me and my shadow, me myself and I, onliest, only, on one’s own, shag, single, sole, solitary, solo, stag, traveling light, unaccompanied, unaided, unassisted, unattached, unattended, unescorted, unmarried, widowed

These are all the synonyms for alone according to Thesaurus.com.

I was looking for one that started with F to replace the fun in "Fun Friday". None of these f's really fit what I was looking for, but... it's all I've got to work with. Since my Cam left me for the moss covered pines of Georgia, I've been at a loss on Fridays. It's just not the same without her. *tear* But today I decided to be brave. Brave enough to do a fun Friday.... by myself. It didn't feel the same, there was even a new girl getting trained at the coffee place. She did a good job on my coffee. It tasted exactly how it should taste. Kudos to you new girl because half the time the "others" don't get it right... After saturating myself with caffinated goodness, I went to the mecca of all places housewares... Hobby Lobby. If you don't have one of these near you, call your congressman (or woman) because that is not acceptable. They have sales on various items on a weekly basis. Usually things like "Furniture 30% off" or "All frames half off".... that kind of thing. This week Scrapbooking supplies were 50% off! Paper, stickers, embellishments, stamps..... it was like half off heaven!

Paper, paper, pretty paper.

I could have been there all day looking at stickers.

Who has seen (or read) "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants"? Cam and I have what we call "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Journals". Around our last "Fun Friday" we found a really cute spiral journal for only $2. We each got one and I suggested that once she vacated the state of Kentucky we each write in them for a year and then send them to the other. She said that was a great idea except let's do it on a monthly basis. *light bulb* A deal was struck. We quickly realized that that one tiny little journal was not going to last very long. I told her I would try to remember to look for new ones the next time I was in Bowling Green. Today I found a whole endcap full of them. I picked out the 4 cutest ones and now she can decide which one she'll get next.

Aren't they cute?

I also dropped by my absolute favorite store in the mall. Hot Topic. Yes, I know I'm probably too old to be shopping there, but I love it and do not care! Got myself a spiky belt and a rockin' bra and out the door I went. Sorry, no pictures of that. That's when I started feeling the "alone-ness" and missing my bestest friend. I know that her hubby, Bergen the Fox, is off work today and I'm sure they are enjoying their own "Family Fun Friday"... but.... but.... I miss her!! What makes it worse is that I know it's sunny and like 70 degrees there!! Enough of that, on with the story....

Upon leaving, I noticed a huge plume of black smoke coming from somewhere across town. It looked pretty severe. Once I got in the car and turned up the radio I found out that it was an apartment building burning. Read more here. Off all the bad things... then it dawned on me...

It's Friday the 13th.

{Goal #1: Check}

Today I set a goal for myself because if I didn't I'd never get any of this done...

The goal was to get all of the things in the office nicely packed away in neat little boxes. Everything except for my mom's laptop (thanks again, Mom, for allowing me to mooch the computer), the telephone, and of course furniture and plants.

Staring down a room full of stuff with an arm full of empty boxes was absolutely nerve racking. I'm sure you will all be tired of hearing me jabber on about moving this and moving that and moving, moving, moving...but that's where I'm at right now and there isn't too much else going on.

I had packed up one box of books and was still working on the second when I discovered that the cat wanted to make sure that I didn't forget her.

Hey! Don't forget me!

She lightened up the mood I was in and made the rest of the packing go a little smoother. Although it was a struggle, I avoided getting on the computer before I even got started. I turned on some tunes, got a cup of coffee, and off I went. The next thing I knew it was 10:30AM and I was pretty much done. There are still a few straggling things in the closet, but for the most part... done.

Goal #1 = Done!!!!


There goes the neighborhood...

There goes the neighborhood... along with all the loose limbs or half broken branches in the trees that managed to survive the great Ice Storm of '09. It's a bit breezy here today. Winds right now are around 25 MPH with gust higher than that. I am almost positive that more than half of the roof shingles will end up in the neighbors yard.

I've managed to pack 4 whole boxes! Are you guys proud of me? I'm not proud of me, but if you guys are proud of me that will make me feel better... uh... maybe not, but eventually I will get this whole house packed neatly away in small (and medium) sized boxes labeled affectionately with their respective homes. And the big ol' Home Depot logo... The husband fell just short of telling me to get up off my lazy bum last night and start packing... He resorted to just telling me to turn off the computer. Most of you are like me though and the thought of actually turning this baby off was HORRIFYING!!! I'm a much better un-packer than a packer. I was just thinking yesterday how I could really use Cam's OCD when it comes to clutter and moving. She could have this entire place packed up and ready to go in one day, I swear. I, on the other hand, will still be packing the day we rent the truck.

Now normally I would continue on with the great ponderings of my mind, but, as I've just realized, there is a line of thunderstorms upon me as we speak and I'm gonna go cower in a corner with my head between my knees until it's over.

Slow Moving Vehicle

I need one of those placards that you see on the backs of tractors that symbolize that it's a slow moving vehicle.

It's raining today and that's a bummer. The last couple of days have been so very, very nice around here. Two weeks ago we were without electricity and iced in. In fact, some people still do not have power. But the past couple of days... 70's. That's right, seventy degrees. I swear that Kentucky is in some kind of weather vortex. Maybe we are the Bermuda Triangle of the contiguous United States. Snow today, shorts weather tomorrow. In fact, I have seen people wearing shorts. I wasn't brave enough to go that far, but I did wear my flip flops around the house.

I need one of those placards that you see on the backs of tractors that symbolize that it's a slow moving vehicle. I managed to get a whole TWO boxes packed up yesterday. They consisted of books from my bookshelf. The first box ended up too heavy for me to move... My problem was that I got distracted. Distracted by redoing my layout for the millionth time. I like it though so take that boxes and packing tape. Take that. I know what will end up happening. I end up waiting until the very last day to scramble everything into boxes. As soon as my husband packs up the computer... I'm a goner. I'll be in a hurry then as I'll be going through immediate withdrawal symptoms. I was semi-productive this morning as I called around to get deposit amounts for the various utilities. $75 for the water wasn't too bad. The phone and electric bills will transfer for a grand total of $53. Those will just be added to the next bill. What worried me was the natural gas lady when she said, "You have to come fill out an application. Generally, it's a $150 deposit." The whole "application" and "generally" kind of freaked me out a little. I don't want to end up having to pay $300 to have the gas turned on. I think I'll move on the bathrooms today. Pack up the things we don't use on a daily basis. I have realized just how much of a pack rat I am though. Why do I need to keep a bottle of shampoo that has less than a quarter of the bottle left? I do not know, but I kept it. I'll be tossing that away as opposed to moving it. The less we have to move the better.

Off I go now into moving wonderland... if you don't hear from me, check the boxes.


I know... I've done it again, but as the title implies, I get distracted by shiny things. I don't know why I can't just find a layout and stick with it. There are so many that I find that I like that it makes it so hard for me to pick just one and keep it. Call it my Blogger A.D.D. This layout may be here tomorrow... or it may not. Since I have my own domain name now I'd like to have a layout that looks a little more... professionally done. Even though I'm no professional what so ever. So stay tuned as I'm sure it will change once again!


Today marks Day #1 of the whole moving process. We drove up to the new place yesterday and it was in pretty good condition. I won't have to go in and scrub anything. Just some general cleaning is required and that's a good thing. We have decided to hold off on painting or redoing the kitchen until we can get new counter tops. Which we priced at Home Depot yesterday. While there we also picked up 30 boxes. I know... we shouldn't have paid for them, but I was really at a loss as to where to find some. Plus they were on sale so...

Some time today I've got to get up off my butt and start packing stuff. The goal is to move next week. I'm going to do as much packing and boxing up as I can this week since the kids are still out of school. Tomorrow is some special election so they are out then and they will finally go back on Wednesday. Chris is going to try to take some vacation time so we can then move next week while the kids have a full week of school and will be out of our hair.

This is what I expect the next couple of weeks to look like...

Wish us luck!

Hooked on Fridays

I was all prepared for my "Hooked on Fridays" post this morning. In fact, I was thinking about what I was going to write last night as I was unsuccessfully trying to go to bed. Although the Mrs. of Hooked on Houses isn't hosting a blog party (yet), I'm going to go ahead and tell you guys and gals what I'm hooked on this Friday.


That old saying about not knowing what you've got 'til it's gone is so very, very true. I never before realized the value of good long hot shower until I was bathing with a wash rag in lukewarm water from my kitchen sink. Yuck! I did have several friends and family offer up their hospitable abodes for usage, but I didn't want to seem like a bum.

I once again value the hum of the ceiling fan, the annoyance of Spongebob's voice, and the whirring of the dishwasher. Not to mention the drip, drip of the coffee maker.

So here's to you WRECC. Thanks for getting my electricity back on in a timely and efficient manner.

Take a little trip over to Hooked On Houses to see what's going on this Friday. Sneak a peek at the other subjects too!

School, Phones, and Nonsense

So now that you are all caught up with what an exciting experience living without electricity is... it's back to the mindless chatter that we have all grown to love!

My kids are still out of school. Out until next Wednesday as a matter of fact. I am trying to hold it all together here... with duct tape and coffee. Not necessarily in that order either. The weather should be nice this weekend (Highs in the mid-fifties) so I'm sending them OUT. Out, be gone with you. Don't play in traffic but please don't come back in this house for at least an hour. Homeschooling mothers... I do not envy you. It may be my kids lack of discipline, or mine, but they just seem to be bouncing off of every wall or surface in the house. Once school does start back though, I'll be lost. It will be too quiet and there won't be enough to do.

Except that, "the guy" is supposed to be moved out by this weekend. Yay! Wait...no!! Now I have to find some boxes... anybody have any boxes? Anyone know where to get empty boxes? I'm not looking forward to the actual physical moving part, but I'll be glad when it's all over and we are there. Six miles from town instead of 20. The kids will be able to get off and on the bus at the house instead of me having to drive 2.5 miles to put them on the bus. The only thing bothering me is that I'll have to move a distance from my mom and my friend, Jeep Chick. I'm plan on keeping my daughter in the same Girl Scout troop with her daughter though and at least we'll get to spend a little time together each week.

I bought a new cell phone yesterday. Then immediately regretted doing it. My mom and step-dad were paying for our phone too and with the economy the was it is that was one bill that wasn't necessary. Now I seem to find a gazillion reasons why I need to call someone or why I need to call my husband when he or I am out. So I'd been looking at them for a little while... We decided to go with the AT&T Go phones instead of with a contract plan because, well basically, I don't want to have to sign a contract for two years. Plus I like the idea of paying for only what I am using. Plus... we gots not so peachy credit. I had a phone picked out. I really, really liked this phone. Matter of fact, it was just like Jeep Chick's except that the one I wanted was black.
Here's a picture...

So I had this all picked out... I finally decide to bite the bullet and buy it. Guess what? They didn't have it anymore!!! Why oh why does this always happen to me? I ended up with this one instead...

I'm not really happy about it either, but maybe it will grow on me. For $119 I'd say it's already growing roots. I do like the blueness of it.

Hopefully, next week I'll get back into the swing of things and get back to posting recipes and the regular nonsense stuff I dribble about daily.

Sidenote: I hope that the Grave Keep and Mistress Lisa's move went well and uneventful! I've been missing y'all's posts! Come back to bloggerland soon!

Pioneer Living - The Finale


I’d had it with cold cereal and Pop Tarts for breakfast. I wanted fooood. Real food. We headed to B.G. for Ryan’s breakfast buffet. They were busy, but not excessively so. We went to Camping World, Gander Mtn.(FYI: I love that store!) and everywhere, but no one had propane fuel for our grill. We had to buy a new one that uses a different kind of propane fuel. We’ll use it this summer though so it didn’t hurt too bad to have to pay that much for it.

After we returned home, unloaded all our loot, I returned to roosting in the chair. It has a good vantage point because I saw the electric company truck drive by. The big truck with the bucket and a trailer full of telephone poles. Well, I guess in this case they are electric poles. But they were heading in the wrong direction! The down lines were north, not south. I was still excited to see them though because that’s the first electric company personnel that I’ve seen. We both decided that we didn't really want to mooch off of friends or family, but we were NOT going to miss the Super Bowl on Sunday. I started looking up phone numbers for hotels/motels in our area. I wrote all the numbers down for the ones I approved of and handed them over to the hubby. Burning that kerosene heater was giving me a crazy bad headache that WOULD NOT go away so I made the executive decision to start a fire instead of firing up the ol’ DynaGlo. Just as I was leaning down to pick up a few smaller pieces of wood, just as Chris was sitting down to start phoning hotels... we heard it.


Gasp! Was that? Is that? OMG, the electricity is on!!!!!! I won't lie. I danced a jig. I nearly pee'd myself. I immediately starting thinking of how long it would take the water heater to heat up enough water for me to take a 3 hour long shower. Ok, so I didn't really take a 3 hour shower, but it was a good 30 minute one.

So far so good for us. No more outages so far. But upon getting electricity back I turned on the local news. Some counties schools are out "until further notice". There are shelters set up everywhere. There are even roads closed due to flooding, which was something I hadn't even thought about. The governor had declared Kentucky in a state of emergency while we were living in our little pioneer land, but I had no way of knowing just how bad it had really been.

In total our power was out for right about 110 hours from Tuesday morning about 3:30AM until about 4PM on Saturday. We were and are very lucky. We were able to find a heat source. We didn't need medical attention. We didn't have alot of trees down on or around our house.

So concludes the adventures of living without electricity. I suddenly have a whole new perspective on how the other half lived all those years ago.

Pioneer Living - Part Two


Today is the day that I started writing about our incredible journey into pioneer living. I thought about my blog this morning and how I know you are all wondering “Where has she been?” so I decided in the spirit of that pioneer living to write out WITH PAPER AND PEN my blog posts. Now that I’ve caught you up with the first of the week…

My hand is sore, my eyes are hurting from trying to see in nothing but candle light, I am cold, cold, cold. To start out this morning was the 24 hour mark of no electricity. I’m not exactly missing the television (yet) as much as I’m wishing I could get some news. I’ve been relying on my MP3 player for school closings and the weather forecast, but the battery is just about gone on that. The school does use a great service called One Call Now where you get a phone call with a pre-recorded message about school closings or other school related business.

I know I’ve referred to what we are doing as “pioneer living” jokingly, but we are basically living in only one room of our house, using our fireplace for all our heat, and only using candles for light. The toilet seat is cold enough that it might as well be in an outhouse!


So this is going to end up reading like a journal entry pretty soon but I guess that is kind of what a blog is for, right? This morning was 48 hours without electricity. I can’t recall ever having gone this long without power before. What I’m hearing from the outside world is that there are hundreds of though sands of Kentuckians in our same situation At least I know I’m not alone. After the husband got off work yesterday, he phoned all Wal-Mart locations in our area (there are 3), the Lowe’s, the Home Depot, and even the Tractor Supply Company and none of them had a kerosene heater or generator. Completely sold out. However, the lady who answered the phone at the TSC said they were getting a truck loaded with heaters and generators and they would be opening at 7AM this morning. She said it’ll be first come first served basis. The awesome husband was up at 5AM to get the fire stoked up, re-supply the wood inside and out the door so he could be at least close to the front of the line. I’m thinking with our luck he’ll get a heater, but everyone will be out of kerosene! I miss my internet, but at this point I just want some heat and a nice hot shower! Upon returning from the store, Chris said that the "loaded" truck had 6 kerosene heaters and 25 generators. He was the 3rd person in the line of 14 when the doors opened at 7AM. Luck shined on us today.


When I woke up this morning to the sight of sunlight, I was more than excited. Finally a little something that resembles normalcy. Having a little sunshine doesn’t make the day feel so gloomy. Plus there are extra benefits like opening up the blinds and letting the heat from the sun warm the house up a bit. And those same rays are melting all that ice on the trees and power lines. At this point though I’ve pretty much given up on getting power back before next week. Most things in the freezer and refrigerator are going to have to be thrown away. Everything in the freezer has thawed already. We took essentials like milk, cheese, eggs, lunch meat, salad dressing, and things of that nature an put them in coolers to try to keep them cold. I checked this morning and we are just now going to need to replenish the ice in those coolers. That’s good news because they have stayed cold for two days.

The kids are going stir crazy and I can’t say that I blame them because I am too! I don’t expect them to have school much of next week. I can’t say that I’m that disappointed by that prospect. I had to wash my hair in my kitchen sink this afternoon. Washing off (barely) with a semi-warm wash cloth is not exactly leaving any of us with that so fresh and so clean feeling.

We decided to head to the grocery store as soon as Chris got home from work because I had something to do and we wanted to go and get the shopping done before hand. That was a really bad idea. There was an overabundance of people there. More people and it could have been a sardine can. There was plenty of milk, but most all the bread was gone. In the sporting goods department, basically nothing. But it took nearly forever to get out of there. We went to the gas station to get some kerosene and had to wait in line for a while. Then I remembered that I had forgotten to pick up a phone! (Remember we are using the built in recliner speaker phone) After a trip to the Dollar Store that yielded no results, we had to go back to Wal-Mart where I had to pay $25 for a stinkin’ corded phone. Jeez Louise. After all that crap, I forgot about the meeting and got home thirty minutes too late to even make it on time. Jeep Chick will kill me for this, I’m sure.

To be continued...

Pioneer Living - Part One

These next few posts are going to be like diary entries. Sort of a chronicle of my days living like the pioneers. Without the hunting because it’s not hunting season and without the outhouse because thank goodness we still have working water. I thought to start writing for the blog on Wednesday.

Let me tell you about my week. Starting with Monday the 26th or Day One.


Up at the regular time, getting the kids ready for school. Watching the morning news. The weatherman says that we are under an ice advisory until noon on Tuesday. Great. I was glad I’d made a trip to the grocery store on Saturday. There was a run on milk and bread and eggs and all that stuff that people flock to the store for before storms. No school closing yet because there wasn’t much of anything happening when the hubby got home from work I told him that we may need to bring in some wood just in case we lost power. In all the time we’ve had this electric company our power has never been out for more than a couple of hours. So I was confident going to bed that we’d do alright.


About 3:30AM we woke up because we heard the smoke detectors beeping. Let me explain that our smoke detectors are hardwired in the house, which means no batteries so when the power goes off they will beep once every couple of minutes. So anyway, that’s what woke us up. We got up, lit a few candles and checked on the kids. HELPFUL HINT: Locate your corded phone before the power goes out! This is only if you aren’t already using one. We have two corded phones…..somewhere. Luckily I remembered there is a speaker phone built into our recliner. Then we waited. Thinking that the power would soon be restored. That was not the case. The hubby went on to work as usual.

I got up around 8:30AM when my mom called to see how we were fairing. After talking to her, I phoned the emergency power outage number… busy. I called the main electric company office. I got a real person!! She took my name, number, address, and all that jazz. I managed to get a fire started in only a few minutes. Last time I tried, I sat in front of the fireplace for 2 hours and still couldn’t get it started. I called the electric company’s power outage number several times before finally getting through. Only to hear a recording telling me they were aware of an outage in our area. By 2 o’clock we still didn’t have any power but I had managed to keep the temperature in the house right at 58 degrees. Warm if it had been the outside temperature, but practically freezing inside. I called the actual electric office number again. She said the same thing the recording said. They are aware of the outage and we are on the list. We gave our neighbors a call after the hubby got home from work. They too were without power. However, she knew the source -- downed power lines within a mile of our houses. She said they’d called that morning and told the power company about it. I told her about my phone call telling me we were on “the list”. But, I said, the girl didn’t tell me how far down the list we were! She said apparently, we’re at the bottom!

Not the best example of all the ice, but you get the idea.

My mom called to check and see how we were doing again. I told her we were going insane, but we were managing. It’s frustrating not having any source of information. All I could think about was something hot to eat or at least warm. Then just like in the cartoons a light bulb popped up over my head. We go camping and we have a sandwich maker for the campfire. Ca-ching!! We had grilled cheese sandwiches cooked over a hot fire… in our living room. It was nice, but I still longed for some hot chocolate or coffee. At this point, we were around hour 16 of good ol’ pioneer living. After twiddling our thumbs and finding it not as fun as we hoped, I found every candle I cold find and we played “Sorry” by candlelight. Not exactly my idea of family game night, but it worked at the time.

To be continued...