The Downhill Slide

It's almost the end of the week and wonder of all wonders.... nothing exciting is happening. Tuesday it rained. It rained all day long. This is disappointing because it is DECEMBER. Kentucky weather is never the same two days in a row. The high today is somewhere right about 60 degrees. A few days ago it was so cold that I had to let my car run for more than 15 minutes to get the frost off the windows so I could see to drive anywhere.'s 60. But it wasn't a nice day out... it was RAINING. All day. Wednesday, guess what? 38 degrees.


I don't know if you've heard or not... maybe you just aren't as cool as I am... maybe you are anyway... but it's almost time for GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!! Yes, that's right folks... start planning your diets now. I am excited about eating them, but I'm not as enthusiastic about selling them. I hope that it will grow on me. Jeep Chick and I are taking this on. It's like our mission should we choose to except it and we might self destruct instead of the message self destructing... (anybody watch Mission: Impossible the TV show NOT the movies?) Anyway... I think so far, so good. We just got our paperwork and information on Monday so things aren't looking too bad just yet. Nothing has confused me yet, but Jeep Chick took most of the paper work home with her so I haven't had the chance to confuse myself yet. Have no fear though, I'm eventually gonna mess something up.

I've done this stuff before.... about 20 years ago. I was a wee little Brownie myself. Back in those days, it wasn't as easy to sell them as it seems to be now. I practically had to beg people to buy them. Neither of my parents worked in a factory so there wasn't the opportunity to hit up lots of people. I was also a painfully, painfully shy kid. Even now, I have no problem standing in front of a lot of people and talking, but my face will get as red as a stinkin' stop sign. I know it gets that way because I can feel it. Luckily, my daughter is far from shy when it comes to talking. She will talk to anyone, any where, any time. She doesn't care as long as you are listening to her. I think I will take her door-to-door selling... she will "cute" them into buying cookies....

...the prizes, they will be mine!!! oh yes, they will be mine... oh, I mean hers! They will be hers!!


  1. Hey, we had the same crappy weather here at my house!

    Mmmmm! Girl Scout cookies!

  2. Yay! You know I will get some. You'll have to ship them to the big GA, but I'll take em! I like the mint ones.

    And if the cuteness of Papaya doesn't sell, tell her to open up a can of her whoop tooshie. That chick is tough...

  3. I'm keeping all the prizes for myself too. She can have the patches, but I want the prizes. (remind me to give you some of the other paperwork ASAP so you can get as confused as me)

  4. Me likey the new page, homeslice!!