ATTN: Death of Super Secret Agent...

I'm sorry to announce the death of our dear friend, Agent 007 AKA "Mouse, James Mouse" AKA "The Big Cheese" AKA "The Phantom Turd Dropper" AKA "That Damn Mouse". Yes folks, the cat has finally earned her right to live in my fiefdom. (I may or may not have spelled that right....)

Friday morning I awoke to the strange sounds of the cat running amok through the den area or it may have been the kitchen/dining room area, I can't be certain. I dragged my half dead butt out of bed to see her staring at the wall behind our cedar chest. I immediately knew what was going on. It was obvious from the fact that she completely ignored me when I asked her what the hell she was doing staring at a wall... I walked over and moved the chest a little. There it was. As soon as he/she realized that they were no longer under the cover of darkness, he/she bolted. Quickly followed by the cat and my yelling, "Get That Mouse!!!"

I'm uncertain exactly how long she had been torturing the poor thing, but eventually after losing it and then retrieving it from under the couch, it gave up. I'm not sure if it died of natural causes or just was scared to death. Literally. But he/she was just laying there under the end table. The cat was beside herself. She kept nudging it. Nothing happened. Then she looked up at me and said, "Meee-ooowww?" Yes, there was a question mark there. I heard it. This was met with my son screaming, "She killed it Mom!! SHE DID IT!!" And that was followed up by my daughter saying, "Ooooo....where is it? Can I see it? Can we TOUCH it?" Yuck, gross, no... then I gently reached down, patted the cat on the head and told her what a good job she had done, picked up Agent 007 by his/her tail, had a moment of silence, then flushed his/her butt down the toilet.

I immediately set upon the task of debriefing the cat on her next secret mission of hiding in the laundry room on a permanent stakeout....

Sadly, she is not for hire Jeep Chick, but I will see if she has any good connections.

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