Things Bouncing Around in My Head

I lost my daughter yesterday. Well, I didn't actually lose her, per say, but she zigged when she should have zagged. Both of the kids had a dentist appointment yesterday afternoon. The only way to get them there on time was to pick them up from school. I made sure that I wrote notes to teachers so that everything was kosher. Their school is very strict about the "no note = no change in going home procedure" rule. I am not complaining about that. It's a safety issue and I think they should keep on doing it. Back to the real story here.... I arrived fairly early to ensure my place was close to the beginning of the line. As I drove up to the principal, he looked down at me and said...

"Kaia was supposed to ride the bus, right?

"Uh, NO", I said.

Thus begins the back up in traffic. Thus begins the mad dash. That was me doing the mad dash. Across the loading zone. In heels. In between moving cars that were picking up their own kids from school. The school secretary hails the bus on the good ol' radio. The bus driver said she was still at the high school. The secretary tells her to let Kaia off at the high school. Later I found out that the bus had already left the high school and had to turn around and bring her back... *the shame*... so anyway. I ask the counsler in charge of escorting the correct children to the correct parents if I may please acquire my son for removal. To which she replied, I would have to wait until all the other parents had picked up their children before I could leave.

NOTICE: I have a short temper. And when cornered, like on this afternoon, my Irishness flows freely.

I looked at her. I said, "Look he has a doctors' appointment. That's why he is a pick-up today and not riding the bus. My daughter, however, did get on the bus so now I have to go track her down at the high school. I need to leave now. I was in line, but had to pull over right there --- I point--- to come in and have the secretary radio the bus. I'm not going to be in the way of any of the other people picking up their own kids and I'm not going to run over any kids, ok?"

"Neil", she said.

That's what I thought.

I get to the high school. That I did not attend. That I have no idea where the front door even is. I find it. I go in. I find my daughter non-chalantly doodling on some paper in the office. Behind the counter. Like she works there. I said, "Excuse me Miss, do you need a ride?" And off we go. I would lie if I told you I did the speed limit, but rest assured both children were in the back seat and both were safely secured in their seatbelts.

P.S. Dentist went cavities for either of them. Cha-Ching!

In other goings on...

I've scoured the globe, well at least the internets, for a good little "here's some crap about me" questionnaire or really just something to blog about. Anything really that I could write about. I was on a roll for a little while. I had lots of things to say. Then it all just stopped. I quit having witty banter with myself.


I did finally finish my last Stephanie Meyer book, "The Host". It took me forever to get into the damned thing. Once I did really "get" the book though, it was ok. It is completely different from any of the books in the Twilight series. Each of those were read in just a couple of days. With this one, it's taken me a few weeks.


I changed the blog again... again... I still don't think that I like it. I think I'll walk away from the layout blog for a little while so I'll stop being distracted by all the different ones.


Is anyone else bothered by the obvious lack of remembering that Thanksgiving comes before Christmas? I mean, don't get me wrong, I love Christmas as much as the next guy, but what happened to Thanksgiving? It's like it's disappeared. Now I know that people don't usually decorate for that holiday. I just can't believe that we've been lead astray by the big stores who just skip over it because it's isn't a profitable holiday. I've always thought that this holiday was more about family than any other holiday.

Forget the fact that really we are celebrating the white people invading the native Americans' land and then taking it from them by force.

It's about family and thankfulness, right???


In a completely unrelated subject...
(like any of this was "related")

It was brought to my attention a few days ago, but I'm just now getting around to blogging about it, that The Gatekeepers' blog, The Tomb, is gone. This saddens me. I really enjoyed reading all his posts. From hot chocolate to how to properly "decompose" a skull for Halloween. These are all things we should know. Plus he is a right smart individual and those are hard to come by.

You will be missed Mr. The Gatekeeper.

A moment of silence please.....



  1. I, too, am glad to see all the safety measures that have been implemented in recent years to protect our children. However, I've also noticed that alot of the time, they make it more difficult on the people, especially parents, that are actually in charge of kids, to interact with them, and easier in the meantime, for people who should not have a chance in hell to be around them. This is very frustrating.
    Glad to hear the good report from the dentist.
    I'm also sorry that the gatekeeper's blog is gone, I wonder what happened? I hate not knowing.

  2. Me, too! I really enjoyed reading all the posts he made. Some of them were very interesting.

  3. That was alot of information to digest.

    Kudos to my little neice & nephew for not having any cavities. Uncle Berg says WAY TO GO!!

    And I know what you mean about picking your kid up from school. I walk over to the couch and I'm all, "Dylan, please", and it takes like FOREVER for him to be ready. Pshaw, schools...

    And your feisty Irishness is what I love about you. And fear. Love and fear. You are always telling me to fight the power of the a*holes in our lives.

    Okay, caught up I think.

    And we'll miss you, Gatekeeper.

    PS-my word verification is 'thatdhoo'. This means something, I think.