I have been feeling pretty bored today. There isn't much of anything on the tv. Except for football, which I have on, but am only using as "background music".

I decided to go through all my old pictures. Try to do a little organizing. See what I could find.

I've turned up some priceless jewels that I can't wait to share with you.

I love my new layout, but I wish I could use it with the basic Minima Stretch because my pictures are now so small they are hard to see, but anyway....enough about me.... I'm off to scan...


  1. I reliquish any permission I have ever given you to post pictures of me. Right now. Reliquinsh!! I say, RELINQUISH, RELINQUISH!!!

    Don't do it. In the name of all things holy. Don't post the poofy pictures!!

  2. Too late...mwaahhhaaah haa haa haa... I've already scanned it!! AAHhhaah haa haa...

  3. I do have a certain slide picture you may or may not want published.