A New Obsession

I made an executive decision this year to make everyone's Christmas gifts. I have no idea what I was thinking when I came to this conclusion. I am trying to save money while not offending anyone when we don't buy them something for the holidays. Personally, I don't really want anything. I would rather people buy themselves groceries or gas or spend it on a good book then to spend it on me.

Cam turned me on to a blog, Lolly Chops, that is excellent for inspiration purposes. I've read through the entire blog and come up with ideas for everybody this year. Excitedly I searched thorough ye olde storage room to find ye older than dirt sewing machine. I shouldn't poke fun... it really is an ancient machine and it still works with a little love and effort. Anyway, I got it out. I set it up. I realize that, well, I'm completely lost with the thing. I don't know what that knob does or what that lever moves. I don't even know how to put the thing in reverse. Wow... I'm severely untalented. I have sewn on it before.... like 15 years before. And all I did was sew some square pillows. The bare minimum of sewing expertise.

I made another executive decision.

Last Saturday, my mom and I went to town... riding on a pony... no, no... now where was I???

Oh yea.. we went shopping. Just a few groceries and some things....

I bought the fabric, the thread, all kinds of gadget-y stuff that looked important and.....

TA-DA! A new sewing machine. Thankfully, this sucker was on SALE & came with an instruction manual. Joy of joys.

These are my sewing notions. I picked up that word "notions" off of a package that had a "seam ripper" and measuring tape in them. Some of this stuff I already had, but most I did not. I bought the plastic container too, but now I wish I had just gone to the fishing area and bought a tackle box. More room, less price.

The birdie pattern from Lolly Chops.

People this is very important. That is a button foot on my sewing machine. I changed that all by myself. No help, no trip to the hospital... The button eye balls on the birdies are just a little lopsided, but it's my first real project so I was excited that the buttons didn't just fall off.

Sewn together, but not stuffed...

Two little birdies! I obviously need to work on the closing stitches and sewing in a straight line, but all together I am very proud of my work. It is quite clear I am no professional, but still... I think with a little practice... I can get them to look great. I think I may be in trouble though because my daughter has already asked me if I will make her a pretty dress.... YIKES!!!!

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