24 Hours + A Few Extra

I used to have a LiveJournal blog. I liked it, but I really just liked it for the communities. My favorite of these communities was the "A Day In My Life" community. Except they had lots and lots of rules. Rules that I usually forgot or just couldn't follow. For example, days could only go from midnight to midnight so basically from the time you get up to the time you go to bed. UNLESS, you worked 3rd shift. Time checks were a must and other things that I always just forgot about or found to tedious to bother with. I still enjoy taking pictures of my day though. It's fun to see what people do with their day. And any old day will do. Most of my days are boring sitting around the house days, but still.... So GypsyGirl said she was going to do a "24 hours in my day" day. We decided this was legal because it doesn't specify when your 24 hours starts. Granted starting when you get up is more fun.... I usually forget to take pictures until later in the day. Ok, so I decided to give it a go myself... then I got carried away and kept on taking pictures past the 24 hour mark. It's always the extreme with me... either I forget completely or remember too much. I'll only grace you with the approximate 24 hours though.

This is going to be an abnormally long picture post here. If you read a previous post of mine you will remember that I complained about not being able to shorten the post by using a link to the rest of the information in said post. If anyone is more literate in the computer workings and knows how to do that, let me know. (I do know how to place a "normal" link!) Any hoo... onward to the 24 hours.

I decided to do this on the spur of the moment.

I was already at GypsyGirl's temporary abode...

This is my secret admirer, Luke Skywalker. He loves me.

Stopping for a photo op moment, Memphis is not excited.

I neglected to photo the arrival at the store, but once inside...

Christmas ideas for Gypsy's doggies. Martha Stewart goodies in the scrapbook aisle. Martha = god.

Here we are leaving Hell Wal-Mart.

Upon arriving at The Queen Bee's house, I am greeted by Harley the 2nd. Harley the 1st is no longer with us. A moment of silence.... moving on.

I barely got in the door good before Memphis was plugging away on the little black box. You have learned well, Grasshopper.

Ha. Ha. Ha. She will kill me for this later. This was after she just asked her sister to not take her picture. I is sneaky.

I know, I know... Animals have an unnatural love for me. GypsyGirl gets a head butt, I get love. Ringo likes me best. (Folks, he isn't really kissing me here, ok!!)

We leave The Queen Bee's house rather quickly after arrival because I have milk and eggs in the trunk. As I am driving down the road I notice.... she took the whole two liter bottle!! Thief!! Thief I tell you.

Just the road between here and there.

My groceries. Notice I have reusable canvas bags... made of recycled material... that I usually forget to take with me...

We headed into town. I'm not really sure I remember why we did this or what we were actually supposed to be doing, but it was fun.

We have a thing for doors. This is a nice door.

Growing up, this was not the town I would have chosen for myself. Now, this is exactly where I would have chosen for myself.

Main Street USA

I used to go here with my dad when I was younger. It was the classic "5 & Dime". The owner recently passed away and I'm not sure what will happen to it now.

The store front is a classic too!

More "downtown" photos...

I wondered if this was actually for sale.... & how much?

I didn't know this used to be a bank.

I had to take GypsyGirl back to The Queen Bee's where we uploaded her 24 hour pictures and ate mass quantities of cheese dip.

After all that hard work, we decided to bask in the sunlight for a while before I had to leave to pick up the kiddos.

Random pictures from the bus stop. Why yes, I was bored. Thanks for asking.

Finally... the kids arrive.

We get home to find the hubby waiting in the shadows.

We played some football until he was tired out and she was climbing trees.

Fixed the spice cabinet. Well, supposedly fixed it. I still can't find anything. Looks nice though.

Somewhere in here we ate supper. I forgot to take pictures of that.

Sat down to watch a movie, a time check, and then a little funny stuff...

This is what time the hubby left for work. No, he doesn't usually leave so early, but they asked him to come in 4 hours early on an overtime day so...

This is what time I actually got up. This in not my normal alarm clock. I slept on the couch so I wouldn't disturb the hubby.

Fixed some breakfast for everyone and then retreated to the office for some blog reading.

And that was my 24 hours. I hope I didn't bore you too much.

Until the next time....

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