Da Fool's Ball

I have a fantasy football team this year. Some of my husbands' co-workers started up a league. I wasn't supposed to be part of the team, but with only a couple of days left before the draft, they didn't have enough people signed up. A couple of the workers were upset by my having signed up. What with me not being an actual employee and a girl too. I think they were just scared. Football is my favorite sport to watch. Not college, but the NFL.

I have to say though that I had no idea how much scouting and watching and trading and dropping that I would have to do to maintain a good scoring team. I am proud (for now) with my 1-1 record. My husband is 0-2. Neener, neener!

I am very disappointed today though. I have the New England Patriots defense/special teams. They are getting their asses handed to them by none other than.... the Miami Dolphins. You know, that team that hasn't won a game in, oh I don't know.... a bazillion years! I should first point out that I am not a Patriots fan. I am a Packers/Jets, since that is where Brett Favre is now, fan. I was secretly happy when Tom Brady got injured. Finally, I thought, they won't be so full of themselves. I didn't think the bottom would fall out from underneath them though! My kicker has more fantasy points at this point then the Patriots defense/special teams. This is truly a sad, sad day to be a New England Patriot fan.

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