Another Misadventure with Peas & Carrots

I'll just warn you right now that this is going to be a photo post so it's going to be a long one.

Friday was "Shiny/Gypsy Just Don't Give a Shit" day and we ran all over town doing nothing important. We started out by going to Target.

This is where I found some shiny curtains. I felt obligated to make this a photo op. We had read somewhere that to get un-cheesy smiles from your photo subjects ask them to say "whiskey" instead of cheese or some other cornball word. This is what it looks like when you say whiskey before taking a picture.

Our next stop was at Party 1 Superstore. We ran into Barack Obama while shopping. He must have been looking for wicked cool Halloween decorations for his new house. You know, the big White House on Pennsylvania Ave. Try to ignore McCain lurking in the background and remember to do that on Nov. 4th too.

More of the shiny things at Hobby Lobby. If there is one of these stores near your home, you must go there. Unless you have the random A.D.D., this is not the store for you if you have that. I could have taken many, many, many more pictures of all the wonderful goodies here, but.... I was distracted. These lamps, by the way, were $29.99.

We actually detoured just to get this picture. We took the photo to show that this truck had "puddin" written on the back glass. Neither of us were paying much attention to the rear bumper area... where there are a set of balls hanging from the hitch. Yes, that's right BALLS. Man balls... they aren't brass, but might as well have been. Please click it to enlarge for a better view. *Disclaimer: This is NOT a representation of Kentucky or the people who live here.... LOL!*

Obviously, we had way too much fun in the halloween store at the mall. I didn't realize the big ass green hat was the "Mad Hatter's" hat until after I took the first photo so then GyspyGirl said it'd be great if you were running. So I posed. Like a dumbass. I like the rastafarian GypsyGirl though the pic of the peace sign had me rolling with laughter. I felt the need to stick out my bottom lip when I put on the "widow's hat". I guess I felt like I should have been sad about that. And last, but not least, our very own Norma Jean/Marilyn.

GypsyGirl's husband always has trouble finding things that will fit him. She found some shoes at Steve & Barry's that were sure to fit him. After we got to the house, we realized that if they didn't fit, my daughter could always use them for water skiing.

Front yard football! Woo hoo. I love Autumn. I love football. I am in heaven.

And here are our worn out old asses. I'm not made for this anymore. But it was fun anyway.

My daughter got bored with the football so she decided to climb a tree. In a dress. That's my girl!!

Kaia with her Uncle Vegas. Birds of a feather....

I think these two may be sweet on each other.

And so ends our day of misadventure. I hope you enjoyed the little that we documented. Stay tuned for more episodes.

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