10 Random Thoughts

1. Money = Stress. Lack of Money = Insanity.

2. I would like to have more "followers".

3. I need to relax.

4. Breathe.

5. I wish that people would quit telling me to "leave it in God's hands". That's how I got in this predicament. Leaving "it" to "people".

6. I am excessive using quotation marks today. Just for "fun".

7. I need a drink vacation. *Shout out to the Jeep Chick*

8. This is a classic example of my list making.

9. I think I may have had too much coffee this morning.

10. I harbor extreme dislike for Elizabeth Hassleback. She is wee todd did.


  1. I LOVE YOU. Come over here for a visit- we will have a vacation together. :) Bring Gypsy Girl too- I got tequila (and some of those cute little umbrellas) :)

  2. All your points were well made, especially the one about Elisabeth Haselbeck. I can't stand that girl!