It's F.U.B.A.R. It's S.N.A.F.U. It's America.

Apologies for my excessive use of acronyms this morning in the title. Both of them seemed to fit the whole situation though.

Today is the last day of September. Problem is... I don't remember what happened to the rest of the year. Only three months left in 2008. It's looking like this is going to be a year to end all years.

No matter how you slice it, the election will be history making. We are either going to have a black president or a woman vice president. The whole stock market thing is very confusing to me, but I know enough to know that "those people" have no idea what is going on in America. In the REAL world that we all live in and they just look at from afar. I can say I've never been proud to be a member of the lower middle class. We've lived from one paycheck to the other for many years, but we've had a happy life none the less. We've always tried to let our children be free of any stress from money issues. A few bumps along the way, but nothing greater than anyone elses'.

Now, however, I am glad I don't have lots of money tied to stocks and bonds and all that stuff. That's lots of money that I'm NOT going to lose in this whole billion/trillion/gazillion bailout bull shit. Just once though I'd like for all those congressmen and senators and whatnot to come live in the real world. See that my grocery bill has gone from being a lean $80 on average a week for my family of four to more than $125 a week. I don't buy name brand groceries. I buy the store brands. I buy the economy packs. I am still spending more and more every week just to feed my family. We won't even begin to start on gasoline prices. We didn't go out too often before, but now it's very rare that we are able to go do things as a family outside of the home. We still try to let the kids do things that kids should do, like baseball, Cub Scouts, and Girl Scouts. Your childhood only comes once, ya know. Now is the time when I wish my grandmother had been more accessible. She was the only grandparent I ever had. The others' were gone either before I was born or before I could walk/talk/understand. She was born in March of 1930. She was a young girl during the Great Depression, a teenager during World War II. She would know the things needed to survive without relying on others. Those are the skills I need now. The skills we are all going to need sooner rather than later I am afraid.

Change is Good

First off, I have to post a video. GyspyGirl beat me to it, but I'm going to post it on my blog too because it's worth hearing. Not to mention... I Love This Man.

Secondly, I'm sure you noticed a change in the blog appearance. I have no idea how people find a layout and stick with it. I get bored with it after a while. I'm going to try to give it a go with this layout though. I'll last as long as I can, but I can make no promises people.

Another Misadventure with Peas & Carrots

I'll just warn you right now that this is going to be a photo post so it's going to be a long one.

Friday was "Shiny/Gypsy Just Don't Give a Shit" day and we ran all over town doing nothing important. We started out by going to Target.

This is where I found some shiny curtains. I felt obligated to make this a photo op. We had read somewhere that to get un-cheesy smiles from your photo subjects ask them to say "whiskey" instead of cheese or some other cornball word. This is what it looks like when you say whiskey before taking a picture.

Our next stop was at Party 1 Superstore. We ran into Barack Obama while shopping. He must have been looking for wicked cool Halloween decorations for his new house. You know, the big White House on Pennsylvania Ave. Try to ignore McCain lurking in the background and remember to do that on Nov. 4th too.

More of the shiny things at Hobby Lobby. If there is one of these stores near your home, you must go there. Unless you have the random A.D.D., this is not the store for you if you have that. I could have taken many, many, many more pictures of all the wonderful goodies here, but.... I was distracted. These lamps, by the way, were $29.99.

We actually detoured just to get this picture. We took the photo to show that this truck had "puddin" written on the back glass. Neither of us were paying much attention to the rear bumper area... where there are a set of balls hanging from the hitch. Yes, that's right BALLS. Man balls... they aren't brass, but might as well have been. Please click it to enlarge for a better view. *Disclaimer: This is NOT a representation of Kentucky or the people who live here.... LOL!*

Obviously, we had way too much fun in the halloween store at the mall. I didn't realize the big ass green hat was the "Mad Hatter's" hat until after I took the first photo so then GyspyGirl said it'd be great if you were running. So I posed. Like a dumbass. I like the rastafarian GypsyGirl though the pic of the peace sign had me rolling with laughter. I felt the need to stick out my bottom lip when I put on the "widow's hat". I guess I felt like I should have been sad about that. And last, but not least, our very own Norma Jean/Marilyn.

GypsyGirl's husband always has trouble finding things that will fit him. She found some shoes at Steve & Barry's that were sure to fit him. After we got to the house, we realized that if they didn't fit, my daughter could always use them for water skiing.

Front yard football! Woo hoo. I love Autumn. I love football. I am in heaven.

And here are our worn out old asses. I'm not made for this anymore. But it was fun anyway.

My daughter got bored with the football so she decided to climb a tree. In a dress. That's my girl!!

Kaia with her Uncle Vegas. Birds of a feather....

I think these two may be sweet on each other.

And so ends our day of misadventure. I hope you enjoyed the little that we documented. Stay tuned for more episodes.

Bizarre But True Facts About The Earth

In 1783 an Icelandic eruption threw up enough dust to temporarily block out the sun over Europe.

About 20 to 30 volcanoes erupt each year, mostly under the sea.

A huge underground river runs underneath the Nile, with six times more water than the river above.

Lake Bosumtwi in Ghana formed in a hollow made by a meteorite.

Beaver Lake, in Yellowstone Park, USA, was artificially created by beaver damming.

Off the coast of Florida there is an underwater hotel. Guests have to dive to the entrance.

Venice in Italy is built on 118 sea islets joined by 400 bridges. It is gradually sinking into the water.

The Ancient Egyptians worshipped a sky goddess called Nut.

The world's windiest place is Commonwealth Bay, Antartica.

In 1934, a gust of wind reached 371 km/h on Mount Washington in New Hampshire, USA.

American Roy Sullivan has been struck by lighting a record seven times.

The desert baobab tree can store up to 1000 litres of water in its trunk.

The oldest living tree is a California bristlecone pine name 'Methuselah'. It is about 4600 years old. The largest tree in the world is a giant sequoia growing in California. It is 84 meters tall and measures 29 meters round the trunk. The fastest growing tree is the eucalyptus. It can grow 10 meters a year.

The Antartic notothenia fish has a protein in its blood that acts like antifreeze and stops the fish freezing in icy sea.

The USA uses 29% of the world's petrol and 33% of the world's electricity.

The industrial complex of Cubatao in Brazil is known as the Valley of Death because its pollution has destroyed the trees and rivers nearby.

Tibet is the highest country in the world. Its average height above sea level is 4500 meters.

Some of the oldest mountains in the world are the Highlands in Scotland. They are estimated to be about 400 million years old.

Fresh water from the River Amazon can be found up to 180 km out to sea.

The White Sea, in Russia, has the lowest temperature, only -2 degrees centigrade. The Persian Gulf is the warmest sea. In the summer its temperature reaches 35.6 degrees centigrade.

There is no land at all at the North Pole, only ice on top of sea. The Arctic Ocean has about 12 million sq km of floating ice and has the coldest winter temperature of -34 degrees centigrade.

The Antarctic ice sheet is 3-4 km thick, covers 13 million sq km and has temperatures as low as -70 degrees centigrade.

Over 4 million cars in Brazil are now running on gasohol instead of petrol. Gasohol is a fuel made from sugar cane.

--Article courtesy of and can be found here.-- Found using StumbleUpon.

Is that really newsworthy?

I try very hard to not listen to the news anymore. I do watch Good Morning America every weekday morning. Mostly because I admire Robin Roberts, less for the actual reporting. Even more annoying to me than the constant barrage of how our government sucks and how we are in a recession, but no one wants to admit to it, is the incessant political ads now running every 5 fucking minutes. Don't get me wrong I understand that campaigning is just a part of running for whatever elected office you choose to run for, but this election campaigning has been going on and on and on and on and on.... enough already. Vote. Get it over with.

As we all are aware (because of all the media coverage of it), Sarah Palin actually met foreign leaders and the like on Tuesday at the UN in New York. Good for her. I doubt that the 10 or 15 minutes that she spent with any of them will make a huge impact on her knowledge of foreign policies, but good for her. The morning ABC news showed what little camera footage they had of her visits with these dignitaries. The cameras and reporters were only allowed a few brief moments to snap a few shots of her smiling while shaking hands and then they were hurriedly rushed out of the rooms. She didn't answer any questions. She was rushed along with not even so much as a glimpse at the media. In fact, in one video file right before Gov. Palin stepped out the door of a building, a police car and a Secret Service Suburban pulled right in front of the video camera.

I can't help but feel like this is all for show. Just so she can say yes she's actually met someone from a foreign country. Am I the only one rolling their eyes at this whole charade?

My birth month flower is a Narcissus

For some reason, I have a strange yearning for hot chocolate this morning. It may have something to do with The Gatekeeper's post, but I'm just not sure.

I am feeling fairly narcissistic this morning. By that I mean, I am proud of myself today. Yesterday, I discovered Scrapblog. I pink puffy heart that website! They have some of the cutest pre-made digital scrapbooking pages. It's fairly easy to use to boot so I'm into that. I designed myself a banner for my blog as I'm sure you've already seen. I am likely to change it again because that was just my first try. I figured since I'm distracted by bright and shiny things a lot that I would make the banner bright and shiny also. I think it might be too bright though. OR it could just be my occasional A.D.D. dictating that I should change it again just for fun.

Plus... I made two loaves of banana bread. I didn't burn them or the house down. I'm usually a pretty good baker. I'm not so good with cooking much other stuff though. However, after I pulled out all the ingredients I realized I didn't have any vegetable shortening i.e. Crisco. Crap, what am I gonna do? Why, call my mother of course. She says, "Do you have some mayonnaise?" Uh... mayonnaise? "Yea, I do." "Well, just use that.", she says. "Do I need to add more sugar or something?", I asked her. "Nope. Just use the same amount that the recipe says for the shortening." Uh, ok.... This is going to taste like a turkey sandwich, I thought, hold the turkey, add some bananas. Amazingly, no. It tastes like banana bread should taste, no mayo. I'll file that bit of info in the mental storage cabinet for future reference.

Also, this morning I have discovered how to add music to my blog. The song will likely change frequently because of the afore mentioned occasional A.D.D. The music I listen to changes with whatever I'm feeling that day. Some days I'd like to hear Glenn Miller's big band music and some days it's System of a Down. Thanks go to this blog for all the helpful information on how to actually add the music. I haven't had the time yet to check out the other info on that page, but it all looks useful. P.S. You can turn the music off by going to the bottom of my page.

Today I haven't done anything productive except wash some towels. I don't think I'll be doing much else either. Reasons include: antihistamines, lack of breathing ability through clogged up nasal passages, and just plain ol' laziness. The main factor here being laziness, but sshhh....don't tell anyone. I wouldn't want that to get out.

I Gots the Stupid

Excuse me Miss. Miss...?? What I wanted to say was,
"I don't understand a word you just said."
It seems my ability to retain general knowledge of a subject was lost somewhere in all this mess. When I first made the fateful statement that I would help out with my daugther's Girl Scout troop, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I knew there would be work, but....

Jeep Chick told me that there was going to be a "leadership" training session yesterday at the library at 10AM. OK, no problem I thought. Just a little booster on how to manage a group of 2nd and 3rd graders. I can handle that. Jeep Chick's post about the ordeal explains it all really.

Once the "teacher lady" started to talk, I was lost. She sounded like Charlie Brown's teacher to me. I know she was telling me very important information, but I just didn't comprehend anything. I was distracted by everything, like Jeep Chick was as well. I heard everything, but what the "wah wah" lady was saying. The lady on the typewriter. Yes, these do still exist. The little girl, whose parent I was never quite sure was there, playing LOUDLY on the wooden train set that was placed in the worst possible location in the library. The couple on the computer near us. The banging of the door opening and closing. Just noise, lots of noise. I couldn't put it out of my head. Occasionally, I would come back to the conversation when Jeep Chick would get the "wah wah" lady off track. Which, I might add, was an easy task. She was more easily distracted than I am. Then out of nowhere... I'm yawning. Jeep Chick is yawning. The troop leader is yawning. It was contagious. The only person not yawning.... yep, that's right, the "wah wah" lady.

We are soldiers though. We sat through not understanding a word for 3 hours. "Three hours?", you say. Yea, three....hours....of.... waah wah wah, wa wahh wah wah. We came out with our sanity, or what little we have left anyway. I felt bad though. Jeep Chick still had to go to the grocery store and by the time we got out of there it was 1 o'clock in the afternoon. Not a good time to be in Wal-Mart. Too many people. Not enough room.

Oh! Oh yea...I almost forgot! I had arrived at the library a little bit early so I thought I would get a new library card since I hadn't been to this library in quite some time. It turns out that it had been 6 years! AND... apparently I had a $10 fine for returning some DVD's 7 days late. The kicker is I don't remember even seeing these movies. The librarian just gave me "the look" and said, "Well, I guess not. It was 6 years ago. But if you pay $5 today, I'll wipe it all off." Internally, I had the feeling that the Russian mafia was secretly standing behind me inbetween the rows and rows of books just waiting to pounce on me for my $5. Outwardly, I said, "Whatever." Dug through my purse, gave the "Don" my $5, took my shiny new library card, and ran.

Da Fool's Ball

I have a fantasy football team this year. Some of my husbands' co-workers started up a league. I wasn't supposed to be part of the team, but with only a couple of days left before the draft, they didn't have enough people signed up. A couple of the workers were upset by my having signed up. What with me not being an actual employee and a girl too. I think they were just scared. Football is my favorite sport to watch. Not college, but the NFL.

I have to say though that I had no idea how much scouting and watching and trading and dropping that I would have to do to maintain a good scoring team. I am proud (for now) with my 1-1 record. My husband is 0-2. Neener, neener!

I am very disappointed today though. I have the New England Patriots defense/special teams. They are getting their asses handed to them by none other than.... the Miami Dolphins. You know, that team that hasn't won a game in, oh I don't know.... a bazillion years! I should first point out that I am not a Patriots fan. I am a Packers/Jets, since that is where Brett Favre is now, fan. I was secretly happy when Tom Brady got injured. Finally, I thought, they won't be so full of themselves. I didn't think the bottom would fall out from underneath them though! My kicker has more fantasy points at this point then the Patriots defense/special teams. This is truly a sad, sad day to be a New England Patriot fan.

Does that MATCH?

I convinced the GypsyGirl to go with me to saunter through Wal-Mart and buy groceries. The kicker was that I was picking her up at 7:30AM. She always avoids big public places, like I do, because we don't want to a) run into people we don't want to and b) run into a lot of people all congregating in the middle of the damn aisle. I think I only convinced her it was ok to go because I said it was so early no one in their right mind would actually be up at this hour.

I arrived to find her bright eyed and bushy tailed drinking her morning cup of coffee (or two). Out the door we headed. This is two days in a row for us. It's a streak. On the way to "town", we were discussing the lack of knowledge possessed by our JeepChicks' neighbor. We detoured. Yes, Rubi, we stalked your house this morning. And might I say, that rock wall is so not in a straight line. A drunk man could make a straighter line than that.

I was right about no one being in the store. We pretty much had the run of the place. Like usual, we were easily distracted. First, it was the Halloween decorations. Which, might I add, suck at Wal-Mart this year. I am hoping they will add new stuff soon. Then we made the dreaded mistake. We headed down the stationary aisle(s). *insert "Jaws" music here* Since deciding to help assist with the Girl Scout troop, I thought I'd buy a binder or planner just for organizing and arranging and keeping up with whatever assignment and tasks I am given to oversee. As some of you may recall the planner/post-it incident, you already know that I was in trouble. I found a binder that MATCHES, that right it matches, my planner. AND THEN.... I found some dividers that coordinate. AND THEN... I found some folders that coordinate. GypsyGirl had to practically drag me out of the aisle. Well, she didn't really, but she should have. I don't even know if I will need this stuff, but I was overwhelmed. It was all so cute and matching and it's called "Prints Charming". Who could pass this stuff up? Seriously? Seriously.

Total rambling, I know. Maybe a more exciting post tomorrow.

Re: Required Reading

I am passing along a link to an article that the Gypsy Girl posted on her blog. I read the article and I think that other should also read it. Vote Obama/Biden in '08!

Click here to read the article by Tim Wise.

Oh for the love of....

...all things holy. Especially the love of cars.


Fast & Furious

10 Random Thoughts

1. Money = Stress. Lack of Money = Insanity.

2. I would like to have more "followers".

3. I need to relax.

4. Breathe.

5. I wish that people would quit telling me to "leave it in God's hands". That's how I got in this predicament. Leaving "it" to "people".

6. I am excessive using quotation marks today. Just for "fun".

7. I need a drink vacation. *Shout out to the Jeep Chick*

8. This is a classic example of my list making.

9. I think I may have had too much coffee this morning.

10. I harbor extreme dislike for Elizabeth Hassleback. She is wee todd did.

Comfort Food

I've neglected my blog as of late, but I feel like I've just been going and going. Somehow I haven't gotten anywhere yet though.

Yesterday was my husband and I's anniversary. We spent the day just doing whatever. We got up early, got the kids ready for school, put them on the bus, then started our day. We took in a not so great breakfast from Shoney's. While the waitress was nice, she was a little too talkative and even remembered my husband slaving working there about 12 years ago. *eye roll* My "over well" eggs were still runny in the middle. Yuck. Nasty, icky, yuck. So I just ate the whites. The seats at the table were dirty with crumbs from who knows when, the windows next to our table were covered with greasy finger smears and the baseboards were falling off the walls. This place is in serious need of an overhaul. However, the potatoes were excellente. We had a couple of hours to kill so off we went to ogle the pretties at the mall. Somehow our adult selves ended up at Aladdin's Castle, an arcade, where the hubby's radar immediately found the Nascar game. I kicked some ass on the Soul Caliber III game, which would have made my son oh so proud. Except I was just pushing whatever buttons would work. It worked though, we wasted enough time to head out to catch a matinée. We had planned to see the new Al Pacino/Robert de Niro movie, "Righteous Kill", but upon arrival we found that "The Dark Knight" was playing. Sorry Al. Sorry Bobby. Christian Bale took over. It was interesting to say the least. I totally understand the praise for Heath Ledgers' performance in this film. If you did not know that he was playing that part, you would not recognize him. He was so submerged in that role, it was amazing. This Batman isn't anything like the others though and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I really don't know now where they can go from here, but I look forward to seeing the next film.

Then the fun began...

Blame it all on my Jeep Chick. At least that's what I'm doing anyway! It's not really her fault. My Ruby has been asking to be in the Girl Scouts for a few years now, but I could never get anyone to respond to my inquires. I knew that Rubicon's daughter was in GS's so I thought I'd ask her about it. Then she posted a blog. I thought to myself, yay success! At least there would be someone there who I knew so I wouldn't be all hyperventilating and having an undo anxiety attack. I hate those. Upon arrival, early I might add, I saw lots and lots of girls. Lots more than I thought would be participating. The troop leader mentioned that she would be needing another assistant troop leader besides Rubicon because there were so many girls. I had already told Rubicon that I would be more than happy to be a guinea pig parent volunteer. So I volunteered my services as an assistant leader. What the hell was I thinking? I worked the logic out in my head. I am doing this because I know that I am not alone. I know that my daughter will look back and remember that I was involved in her life. ** Brief flashback moment - My mom was my troop leader while I was in the Girl Scouts. There were many times when we weren't able to do scheduled things because she couldn't get parents to volunteer to help. ** So having that flashback made the decision for me. But still, I blame Rubicon. I only blame her because she is there. My comfort to fall back on. She gives me confidence. At least, we can just hold each other up.

So here's to us....the overly anxiety ridden crazies about to take on the establishment head on and boldly go where no mom's have gone before!

It's That Day Again.

I've never written a post for my blog and then set it to publish the next day so I hope I do this right.

I'm sure there will be several people who blog about what today is. I am no exception. I guess every generation has that defining moment. That day or event(s) that they will never forget. Even if like me I'm sure, they will end up not even remembering their own name. For my grandparents, it was a world war. For my parents, it was JFK and/or Vietnam. For me, it was September 11th, 2001.

I did not know anyone who died that day, but I don't think it mattered. My daughter had been born just shy of 2 months before. I was having my very first "sleep in" day since she'd been born. The hubby had gotten up early with both kids and was letting me have my time. I remember him coming in the bedroom with a look of puzzlement on his face. He said, "The World Trade Center is on fire. It looks pretty bad too." "Really?" I said. I got up, I was really wanting to stay in the bed, but the look on his face... So I went to the living room and had myself a seat. I hadn't been sitting there 5 minutes when the second plane hit. Right there in front of my face on live TV. I can remember all the confusion. Was this an accident? Was this a terrorist attack? No one knew for sure at first. Then the plane hit the Pentagon and one crashed in Pennsylvania. Then, there was no doubt.

I looked down in my lap at my 2 month old baby. That's the day I had my very first anxiety attack. I'd imagine that everyone had some sort of anxiety attack that day. Somehow I composed myself. After all day of watching ABC News, I got myself together and went to work. Because Wal-Mart doesn't close for anything. I distinctly remember driving down the highway and pointedly noticing not a single plane in the sky. No trails of even where a plane had been. I wondered if I ever would again. I realized that the life I had would not be the life my children have.

It's been 7 years. Seven years and we still haven't found the man who planned that whole thing. He's still hiding out in some cave somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Or, as I figure it, he's living in New York City since no one is looking for him there or he's somewhere like Fiji, enjoying all the pina coladas he can stand. Of course, in all these years we've occupied a country (not related to the terrorist attacks of 9/11), gotten thousands of U. S. soldiers killed and injured, not to mention all the Iraqi civilians who have already endured more than their fair share of domestic terrorism, found Saddam Hussein and promptly hung his ass, now we are still wondering why the Iraqi government is still struggling. Well....duh. "We" went in guns a blazing, found and removed their "leader" and then said, "TA DA! Now it's your country. Good luck with that." I mean can you blame some of those people from being irritated? But I digress. The point is that it's been 7 years and we still are just as vulnerable as we were then. Every September 11th, for me, is just like reliving it every year.

Letters from the Inside

Dear Mr. What the Fuck was That,
I don't know where you came from, I don't know where you went, but phantomlike stinging my finger while I was mowing the yard was just wrong. You suck.
Dear Garbage Collector Man,
Please put the trash receptacle back where you found it. Stop leaving my damn trash can in the middle of my driveway. I realize that you are new to this route because I've only seen you these past 2 weeks. In my observations, I noticed that you are a grown man. So being grown and all, could you please put the can back next to the driveway as opposed to right smack dab in the middle? Thanks a million.
Dear Super Heated Ball of Gas in the Sky,
While I normally appreciate your warmth and refreshing rays, I did not today. Especially when you chose to wait until I was outside pulling like a mad women on the pull cord for the lawn mower. And then...and then you decided to stay bright, shiny, and all up in my face while I mowed the rest of the front yard. Yea, way to go there.
Dear Ms. A. Mandolin,
I miss you. Today, as I was digging for undies before my shower, your picture fell from the top of my dresser. I found it the other day in a box from when we moved. It's the one from the Christmas band concert in junior high. You know, the one where I look like I'm wearing the Abominable Snowman and have that hideous bow in my hair? Yea, that one. I wanted to say that I like it when you do little things like that. It makes me remember to appreciate what I have in this life. Not too many months ago, July, you did the same type of thing. I took my mom and daughter to visit my grandmothers' grave and decided out of nowhere to come see you too. Then my husband called and said we need charcoal. I hadn't planned on going anywhere but the cemetery. I guess I just needed that extra nudge. I "snuck" in the Garden Center door since that was where the charcoal was and it made for a fast entry/exit. There you were. A miniature 10 year old version of you. It kind of hurt, but it was worth every second of it. When I looked at that picture today, I realized that we weren't much older than that in the photo. It seems like so long ago, but then it feels like just yesterday.

No Title Ideas Come to Mind

Here I am again, having a lazy day. I'm sitting here drinking sweet tea and eating candy corn. Yes, that's right - candy corn at 7:51AM. I'm a rebel. I should be doing my daily chores. I'm sure you all remember the grand idea of buying, filling out, and then following the beautiful planner. I did get one, I did fill it out, I followed it faithfully for a few days. ... and then I sort of slacked off a little bit. Then I slacked off a lot of bit. Today I should be washing all the bedclothes, doing yet another daily load of dishes, and sweeping and mopping my kitchen/diningroom floors. At least, that's what the trusty planner is telling me. See this all goes back to that whole willpower thing. And the fact that I really have none. I just want to be lazy today.

On a completely unrelated subject... I am jealous of my Gypsy Girl! She can write a blog/story like nobody's business. Most days I struggle to get out even the smallest of interesting subjects. It's no wonder that the only people actually reading this blog are people that I have known F-O-R-E-V-E-R. I love her anyway though!

It also came to me that maybe I can't keep anyone's attention because I myself am completely random. Yesterday I was irritated at Beyonce's ginormous gaudy (yet beautiful) wedding ring, today I am lazy.

I should probably seek professional help... or some bourbon. See? Why did I say that? I don't even like bourbon!


Attn: Short Bitch Session in Progress...

I always listen in on the morning gossip on the radio talk shows while waiting to put the kids on the bus in the mornings. I usually just sit there and roll my eyes and say to myself how spoiled are ridiculous the "celebrities" really are. Why do people enable them? Then I realize, I enable too by listening to that damn talk show every morning. But...I digress. This morning I was totally beside myself when the DJ brought up the topic of finally seeing Beyonce Knowles wearing her wedding ring. This alone is not a big deal, but the fact that it is an 18 carat flawless diamond worth $5 million dollars is a HUGE deal! Seriously? Seriously. I think I may have vomited a little in my mouth. No, not really, but I did think I might. A picture of said ring can be seen here.

Isn't she worried about being whacked over the head with something? I don't understand how you could wear that on your finger. Probably because I am just part of the average American family. This weeks' paycheck pays for this weeks' bills, next weeks' paycheck, next weeks' bills, and so on and so forth. I just get a little disgusted when I see things like this. Go sell that damn $5 million dollar monstrosity and feed about 3 million starving children all over the world. For months. Seriously.

Many Raindrops

This weekend was the dreaded yard sale weekend. Of course, it was overcast, rainy, wet, soggy, cool, and windy on Friday. Simply because we were trying to sell our wares. I did, however, make a whopping $3.00 (from one women alone!). I know, I know...calm down from all that excitement.

I did have my Gypsy Girl with me to keep me company, but she was constantly distracted by the shiny catalog. And (neener, neener) I found a JC Penney catalog on Saturday AND I got to peruse it all... by... myself.

Saturday also started off cool, wet, and misty rainy. We had a few customers here and there, but apparently no one was interested in kids and womens clothing on that day. My take for the day.... $0.00. Wow, I know, please hold your applause. I made the executive decision that I would watch the weather faithfully every day this week and if by some chance the weather was going to prove to be pleasant, we were going to yard sale again next weekend. I have no idea what I was thinking, making such a statement. I guess $3.00 is just not enough or, more like it, I want to get rid of all these clothes taking up space in my house! Anybody wear ladies size 1 or size 3 pants, skirts, shorts, or dresses? Next weekend, my mom's yard, be there or be square.

Not me....please.

I really feel like writing a blog today. Problem is...I really have nothing to blog about. Today is pretty much going like every other day. It's not "going" anywhere. For me anyway.

I brought my mom's laptop over to my house to update all the anti-virus info, get her FireFox 3 point something, and do the regular "Automatic Updates". She still is a faithful user of AOL Dial Up. Since my DSL was faster, I brought her computer over her to do the updates for her. Her desktop computer had a little hitch in it's step. She could turn it on and do pretty much whatever she wanted until she would log on to AOL. She could get logged on, but then she couldn't navigate to any other websites. So...she took her PC to a place called Matrix Computers. Where the man assured her that he could fix it. He told her that it would take a couple of days, but he would get rid of all the stuff that was bogging it down. My mom sells a lot of stuff online and does pretty much everything in her life online so her computer is her lifeline. Those fine folks at the computer fixer place called today and said that it was fixed and for her to come pick it up. For a cost of about $200. My step-dad and she drove and picked it up. She asked if anything was lost. He says no, nothing. Got home. Wouldn't go past the XP start up screen. She calls him and tells him something is wrong. He says bring it back and I'll have a look at it. She tells him that he would look see while she was there because she has to have her computer TODAY. He plugs it in. It boots up. EVERYTHING IS GONE. everything... He took her computer all the way back to Day 1. It doesn't even have the things on it that came with it when they bought it at Best Buy. No photos, no music, no documents. Nothing. She asked him what he did that for and he said because when it crashed it wiped out everything. EXCEPT - It didn't crash and she was using the programs he said were lost. She had to go find an AOL disk just to be able to put that back on there. Wow, I know where NOT to take my computer if there is a problem.

On a side note, I've got to get a laptop.

The War at Home

This weekend was a whirlwind of laundry. Load after load, wash-dry-fold. That could be the chorus to a country song. You see, I tend to be a pack rat. An unorganized one at that. My bedroom usually becomes the area where everything just gets dumped. No one is ever in there, besides my husband and I of course, so I felt no need to tidy it up much ever. I hadn't realized just how bad it had become until....wait, wait, wait! First, I need to give just a little back story here in case you didn't read "Itchy".

My husband and I have had animals off and on for most of our relationship. Mostly it was dogs, but occasionally there was a cat or two involved. We've never EVER had a problem with fleas. NEVER. One here or there does not bother me because that is something that just comes with having an indoor/outdoor pet. Up until about 4 months ago, we only had a dog. He's a great dog. Goes outside does his business, frolics in the grass, comes inside, sleeps in the floor in our bedroom, generally well behaved. No problems. Me being a lover of most all animals, the opportunity presented itself for us to get a cute little free kitten. I jumped at the chance. We haven't had a cat since my childhood cat friend of about 13 years was sadly hit by a car several years back. My husband was less than thrilled when I insisted she sleep in a cozy little basket in our room, just like the dog. So now to the current story at hand....

I hadn't realized just how bad it had become until... I noticed a gazillion fleas on my ankles one night on the way to bed. OK, so it wasn't a gazillion exactly, but it was enough that I panicked! OH MY GAWD! They have silently invaded! We are doomed! Def con 5, Def con 5! I immediately said, "That damn cat gave us fleas!!" It was the only excuse I could come up with. We'd never had fleas of this magnitude before we brought her home. She is a little flea incubator. And let me tell you folks, flea powder isn't worth a crap and neither is a flea collar. Both of which we tried to use to no avail. Finally, I bought some of those "drops" that goes on their backs. It is supposed to kill the eggs and larvae for 30 days. We'll just see about that.

I bet most people thought it was Labor Day weekend, didn't ya? No, for me is was Bomb the Shit Out of Your Bedroom weekend. I had absolutely no idea just how many articles of clothing were laying in, on, and around my bedroom floor. However bad this situation may have seemed, it turned out to be a good thing. I was able to get every tiny bit of laundry done. I was also able to go through all those clothes and take out what wasn't wearable or was outgrown. My mom had a yard sale a couple of months ago and she was fairly successful in getting rid of her unwanted stuff. She suggested that we have another yard sale this coming weekend so I immediately said, "Yes, lets." I must mention though that I am not thrilled to be having a "yard sale". I hate yard sales, but if it means I might make enough money to fill up my gas tank one time and I can get rid of all of this junk, yay for me.

Oh yeah, we kicked those fleas asses.