Wisconsin to New York

First off, what has happened to my "Blog List"? Is anyone else seeing my links? Because I'm not seeing anything at all. Just the title "Blog List". This is semi-irritating to me.

The whole reason I was going to blog today was because I am very excited to know that Brett Favre is going to the New York Jets. I was so afraid that he was going to end up in Tampa Bay and, well, just no to that one. Hopefully, he can turn that organization around to become a winning franchise. This sort of reminds me of last year when I said to myself there was no way that Dale Earnhardt, Jr. would go drive for Richard Hendrick. He would not to that to his loyal fans. Go drive for the enemy. But guess what, he did. And now, despite all my kicking and screaming, I'm still a Dale Jr. fan.... I've been a Packer fan for about 16 years now. Basically ever since Favre began playing there. I like the Packers less for their team and more for the nostalgic history of the team. Just like Chicago. As anybody who knows me already gets, I love history. Anything that pertains to historical things. I think we can learn a lot from the past. Obviously, the Packer organization didn't learn anything from their past. For all his greatness, Favre has only won 1 Super Bowl, but he is still a good player. I, being just a fan, feel that they with a new coach were just ready to begin a new era in the Packer lore. And that's fine. You have to start somewhere right? But...there is always a "but"... I think they should have given options to the veteran QB. Yes, yes, I know, everyone has something to say about the retirement/un-retirement deal. But he only "retired" after last season. Not two or three times like people are making it out to be. Most fans knew that he did not want to quit playing football. But it seemed obvious that he was made to believe that he should.

No one can play forever, but I don't think that your age should be the defining factor in quitting your profession. There are plenty of quarterbacks (and other positions) who didn't play as well as Favre did last year. There are some who played much better. No one is perfect every year. Just ask the Patriots. *cheater pants* Tom Brady is getting on up there in years....maybe it's time for him to retire too.

Before deciding to move on, one should ask themselves... do I have heart? Is this still fun? If those things are gone....what else is there?

Oh wait...wait! I almost forgot...the main reason I'm excited about the Jets...their colors... I love green!!!

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  1. Whoo-hoo! I'm with you on this one! I've been a Packers fan since the good ol' days, so this whole Favre incident has really gotten on my last nerve. Glad he got to go with the Jets, too. Maybe he'll get the recognition and respect he deserves. I'm also a baseball fan, so this is a good time of year for me.