Week One of the new budget is going "so far so good". At the grocery store, I came in $15.57 under budget! Yay for me! I have to admit though it was so hard not to just say, "Oh, I need this", and then put it in the cart. How do people do that every week? I guess it's because they have better willpower than I have.

I have no will power at all. I bought a pilates DVD. Used it once. It made my stomach muscles so sore, I gave up. I bought a yoga DVD. Used it once. It made everything sore, I gave up. I know that sodas are bad for me. Empty calories and all. If one is placed in front of me and they tell me that I can have it, but only if they can cut off my finger first....guess what? I'm losing a finger. I can't drink the diet sodas either. No matter how many times they tell me that Diet Dr. Pepper tastes more like regular Dr. Pepper, I don't believe them because IT DOESN'T TASTE LIKE REGULAR!!! Damn it. This is also the problem with going to Wal-Mart, Target, or any other department stores. I find the clearance aisles and get carried away. See that's how they get you. You end up buying more because you think you are actually spending less. Damn it. Just today I bought something that wasn't on my list. I swore to only buy what was on the list this time. As I was on my way to the check out, that's when I saw them. A big 4-way shelf of candy corn, candy pumpkins, and then containers with a variety of both of them. They were only $1.88, but still. That's where they get you. I need someone to go with me and when I say, "Oooo ... shiny objects ... focus going away from task at hand ..." I need them to smack me. Hard. And then scream, "Abort mission! Abort mission!"


  1. I'll smack ya :) HOWEVER, you did admit on our trip to FL, that you thought Diet Mt Dew tasted like regular.... but then again, maybe you were just dehydrated.

  2. In Reply To: rubicon --
    OH SNAP! You're right! I totally forgot about that, but still....... that's my story and I'ma stickin' to it. :p

  3. I'm not better than you are in this situation...for me it's a yard sale, or a discount, or a flea market...I think the blood drains from my head to my wallet...