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Today was grocery store day. What a relief it is to just walk leisurely through the store.

Until... the top of the most embarrassing things to happen to me as an adult list happened. For anyone reading this who doesn't know me, I used to work at the place where I buy groceries. I worked there for 5 years so I basically know most of the employees there. I also shop there every week for my groceries so I am there all the time. While I was checking out an employee approached me with, "Girl, you are not going to believe what your mother did in here the other day." Oh my lord, what in the world..... Apparently, she threw the biggest of all fits because in order to cash a $10 rebate check, she had to enter her social security number. The employee said that she was stating, loudly I imagine, that it was illegal for them to ask for your SSN and they couldn't do that, and she'd never had to do that before, and yada, yada, yada.... "And then!", she says. "Your mom tore up the check in front of all of our faces!" Oh, well, isn't that nice? She said, "And your mom is usually so nice and always says hello." I'm not sure exactly when this took place, but it made such an impression that....yea. Now my mom is "that" crazy lady that the employees probably try to avoid. Not to mention, that in doing this, she confirmed to all those ex-coworkers that already knew but needed reassurance that I, too, am a crazy lady. I was so embarrassed that I felt the line of red heat go from my chest all the way to the top of my head. I know my face was red. But I be over it now, can't do a thing about it ... so moving on!

*UPDATE: After conversing with my mom about what happened... it turns out that those fine folks at Wally World wanted to charge her $3 to cash that $10 check. That's what the big hub bub was all about actually. And in my mom's defense, I probably would have cried foul over that myself. *

First day of school picture now in!! They were both very happy to be up so early. I, however, don't really recall anything from that morning until I got back from taking them to the bus stop and had a cup of coffee. I know most people never thought they would hear me say that, but I've become addicted to it just the same.

And on to Day Two, or as I like to call it, Freedom Day! How in the world can they be so full of it at 6:30 in the morning?! Can someone please tell me that?

Oh, and there is a shout out to KyJeepChick in these photos. Can you spot it? I bet she can.

After getting the hoodlums off at the bus stop (in the middle of nowhere), I headed to the afore
mentioned grocery store. Got back home just in time to head back out again to eat lunch with the hubby and the hubby's carpooler/friend/co-worker. I haven't been able to do that before and it was kind of nice.

Bowling Green Metalforming = Big stinkin' factory of automotive stuff that I can't take photos of because then they may have to kill me.

But I can tell you it is located in the Kentucky Transpark.

And so far, that was my pretty much uneventful day. Maybe one day, I can blog about something much more meaningful, but until then...

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