Today has already started not quite as good as I had hoped.

We've never had a flea problem. We've always had some type of animal running around though. As soon as we got a cat....flea problem. I mean, I'm not trying to say that the dog never had fleas. He did, but he kept them to himself see. Maybe one here or there when he would sit by you. We would give him the occasional flea bath and move on. It was never an issue. I started to notice though that where the dog used to sleep in our bedroom was quickly becoming the place where the cat also wanted to be. That place just so happen to be my side of the room right next to the bed. I usually just climb over and lay down on my side of the bed. However, yesterday my husband and I both noticed that there were a gazillion trillion fleas on our feet once we stepped on my side of the bed. Well, maybe not THAT many, but quite a few. I immediately went into panic mode. AHHH we have an infestation. What are we going to do???? So this morning I've taken all the animals bedding and washed it on the super heavy duty cycle in hot water. Then I sprayed the carpet with some indoor bug-be-gone stuff, let it sit for few minutes then vaccummed and threw the bag in the outside trash can. Viola! No fleas on my feet...and I stood there for a full minute just to see. I then made the mistake of trying to bathe the cat.... Boy that was stupid. But it worked for the most part. I got several fleas off of her. I am pretty pissed off though. Because I bought flea & tick powder and a flea collar a few weeks back and obviously they were not working. Thank goodness I bought that planner so I can remind myself to respray and vaccum for about the next 6 months!!!

What a wonderful week this is turning out to be!


Ok, got way, way better folks! The school nurse called. We never had a school nurse when I was in school, but my kids do and she's pretty nice too. Anyway, back to the daughter wasn't feeling well. She said she wasn't running a fever but had been complaining off and on all day that her stomach was hurting. This was not news to me because off and on for a couple of days now she has complained at home about the same thing. I thought she just needed to poop. Yesterday she came home and said that a boy in her class had gotten sick. Uh-oh. I began checking her for fevers and what not, but no fevers and no getting sick. So I drove the 20 miles to school to pick her up and I barely got out of town before she had fallen asleep. We had not been home for 10 minutes. She sat straight up on the couch and looked at me with a look of "help" in her eyes.

I said, "Are you ok? Do you need to get sick?"

She said, "I think so."

"Well, go to the bathroom!", I said.

But all you mom's out there know what happened right... she got all the way to the door of the bathroom...and wham-o! After I bravely, without getting sick myself (and this is a feat for me), cleaned up the, uh, mess I asked her exactly what she had eaten for lunch. Of course, since she had just upchucked, she was all happy so happily she said,

"Chicken strips, french fries, and milk."

Urp...urp... I held it in. Thank god 'cause I don't know who was going to clean up after me.


  1. Oven mits... you need oven mits next time you give the cat a bath... :) (hopefully there won't be a next time, but ya never know!)

  2. Why is it they can always make it TO the door, but not the toilet? I feel your pain... usually my little jeeper has to clean up her mess... and mine too... I'm not good at that clean up crew either.

  3. Poor little Papaya...tell her that her aunt gypsy loves her and is sending good thoughts to her belly...