Inner Feelings

My page is getting so cluttered! I put the blame for this squarely on the shoulders of those people at Blogger who decided to make "Gadgets" available. As the name of my blog implies, I am run off course frequently by shiny things that catch my attention. In this case, the "things" aren't necessarily shiny per say....quotes and photos and games, oh my! Don't get me wrong I really like all these things, but who can say whether I will still like them tomorrow. Just listening to my music player should tell you that my tastes change. A lot. And moving on to a different subject entirely...

Follow up on the I am NOT a stalker blog... I am so proud of my planner. I have already gotten so much done by having a nice, neat list of all the things I have to do. I've even color coded things, used a Post-It to conveniently have a place to write down what I need from the store when I think of it. (Because we all know how I forget shit all the time if it's not written down.) I did block out the amount of my bills that are due because let's face it, every one has bills and there is no need to burden others with mine, right? And to make it all even more fun, it's pretty to boot! Yes, I am proud of my lists and planners and occasional OCD. Thanks must be given to the lady of the Lemon blog. She rocks. I would never have known about the awesomely cool planners and matching Post-It's at Wal-Mart if it weren't for her blog. So thanks to you Mrs. Lemon, whomever you may be.

*Also I should thank her for the use of objects for the names in the family. I really was looking for a way to not have to use our "real" names and that idea was perfect. So again, thanks to Mrs. Lemon, I don't know you, but your ideas are great!*


  1. You should be proud of yourself. If I make lists, I need another list organizing those lists, and giving the location of said lists. Either that, or someone has written their name over and over on it, and added doodles. I would like to be more organized like you, and I like all the stuff you use to do it.

  2. First of all.... I have an admirer that also shows up around that time... but mine's from a different state... and you are right... it is kinda creepy when they don't say something every once in a while. I'd like an "You are freakin nutz!" or something... Then I have my stalker... who, eventually is going to get her feelings hurt...
    Oh, and I made me a list for walmart to get some highlighters, etc... to kinda copy your idea... but then I forgot my list... so maybe next time. LOL Yeah, I'm a dork.. I know.

  3. I am still upset that the planner was sold out.
    And like last month, I was at Barnes & Noble (pause for the Ahhhh) and found the most awesome planner ever. Period. It was so awesome and it was discounted to like $3. I packed it around for 30 minutes, and finally put it down to buy another shiny thing.
    I have never forgiven myself.