What's the Deal?

Ok, not too very long ago I had to replace the home phones. Every time we got a lot of rain, the phone would act all funny. Get static in them, not receive phone calls, etc. I called the phone company, Logan Telephone, and explained the whole situation. Phones act weird when it rains a lot, but internet seems fine. She insisted that it was my telephones and not the phone lines. I bought new phones. Did the same thing until it was "dry" outside. We gave those phones to some friends of ours and they experienced the same issues so I thought, well I guess it was the phones. Alas, we got a small thunderstorm to roll through on Friday night. We lost our electricity for about 2 hours, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Until Saturday morning when my mom called and the phone only semi-rang, then went dead. As if there were water in the lines. Every time someone tried to call it would either ring once and then sound as if someone answered and didnt' say anything or it would just give a busy signal. We just upgraded to a new "package" deal with the phone company that includes call-waiting so that should have eliminated any busy signals. My husband went outside to the phone box and jiggled or did something to the little phone wires and viola! Phones back in working order. When you pick it up, you get a dial tone and when people call they get us. However, this morning I received an email that said I tried calling you all night and all I get is a busy signal. I picked up the phone and guess what? Dead air. Nothing, nada, zip, zero, nothing. However, the internet is working just fine. I can't even call the phone company to complain that something is amiss with the phone lines. I am betting that they are going to tell me that it is my phones and not their lines again. But these are practically brand new phones. And we've had no issue with them. As a matter of fact, my husband used the phone just yesterday afternoon to call a friend and to try to phone in his unemployment. Which is a whole other issue.

We are going on almost three weeks without a paycheck due to the layoff. We (mainly I) wasn't aware that he would have to wait two weeks before he could call in for the check. They have never been laid off for more than a week before. Then when he did call in, the PIN number wasn't correct! It's been the same PIN number for years, but on the day when we really need it....doesn't work. So today is his first day back to work and he has to take half a day off work to go to the stinking unemployment office and sit, sit, sit, so they can get his unemployment figured out for the past two weeks! By the time we get that check he will get the pay check for this weeks work. *eye roll* Does it ever end???? I mean seriously. What's the deal?

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  1. They were having issues with the pin numbers... there were a bunch- including mom and rogers- having to be reset, which could be done by calling the unemployment office with your home phone... which obviously you couldn't do because of your phone... sorry you are having such a bad time... glad to see he's back to work (I did read that right, right?) Anywho... if you need anything, holler... but do it real loud.. might not hear ya since I'm up the road a piece... :) LUV YA!