Anxiety Attack Alert

I'm starting to freak out just a little bit. The husband just went back to work yesterday from being laid off for three weeks. First week was forced vacation, second and third weeks was unemployment. The temp workers didn't return to work. Now the rumor is they are going to be laying off about 200 people, some of them permanently. And that they are going to go to a 10 hour work day, four days a week, eliminating 3rd shift. The plant is supposed to be having a plant wide meeting today to announce it's plans.

On top of this, my dad has decided to move back to Florida. He dropped this in conversation after dinner last night. He said that he wanted to go back to work at least part time. He's bored here with no job and nothing really to do. I obviously can't stop him from going, but he said when he first moved up here that he was going to stay here through this years holidays and then go back to Florida for a few months during the winter after this year. Basically from like November through April or something like that. That I could understand, that I can manage, but now he won't even be here for the holidays. I told him this morning that I wished he would stay until at least Christmas. He said, "Maybe I can just drive back up here for Christmas." It was three years since I had last seen him when he moved up here in May. Two months and he is already so bored that he wants to move back. AAHHHH!

Except for an aunt, who lives in Tennessee, and my mom, most of my family lives in Florida. Depending on the outcome of my husbands job, we may just have to move there. We've thought about it in the past, but things weren't in place for such a move. Even now, the husband would have to go down there and stay with family while working for several months before we could all pile up and move. And that's a huge move. The price of homes down there are so much more than here and picking up and moving my whole family about 900 miles is kind of a scary thought. Rental homes are too expensive to be able to rent and save to buy a home. Buying a home would be the best option. But then there are schools and neighborhoods to worry about. The kids are doing so well in their current school that I would feel bad moving them somewhere else.

Maybe I am jumping ahead to quickly. Probably I am. I'm bad about that. Over stressing when it isn't needed. My husband always tells me that I worry too much. That I'm going to give myself a heart attack. He's probably right.

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  1. Like you told me, "Breathe in, slowly and deeply" This too shall pass, or something else trite like that. Just stay low and don't jump until you're sure you've been hit. And also, cough cough Blackshear cough cough